The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 3

Mary Kaye's Baby

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1979 on CBS

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  • Already in trouble for driving a loaned car loaded with moonshine, Bo and Luke stop to give a pregnant friend a lift – only to find that she's being pursued by a mobster from whom she's stolen thousands of dollars. I really love this episode...

    I'm amazed that a lot of people don't seem to like this episode, simply because it does not feature the General Lee. Whist I can totally appreciate that the General was an icon of the series, I love that these early episodes have much more scope to them, whereas later episodes arguably relied on the General a little too much. Besides, if we chose not to certain episodes simply because they did not feature Cooter, or Rosco, or Enos, then there wouldn't be many episodes left to like (the jury is still out on episodes without Bo and Luke!!), so the General not being featured in this one isn't a big a deal to me as it seems to be to some.

    Either way, I personally find "Mary Kaye's Baby" to be an excellent story. I love the long chase across the county - especially the scene as Luke is tossing the moonshine jugs from the car with Enos in hot pursuit - and it captures a wonderful rustic feel that the Hollywood-based lots when the series moved filming to the Warner Brothers lot, could never really capture. The climatic duel on the Duke farm, between Bo and Luke and the mobster, is also very good.

    There are a few interesting notes with this one, regarding the development of the show. Rosco's goofy chuckle is slowly evolving, and Boss Hogg features much more in this story than in the first two instalments. Also of note is Cooter, who in this story appears to be running moonshine for Boss – quite a contrast to the do-no-wrong enemy of Boss Hogg that he would soon become. (We also get a scene possibly set at Cooter's garage, which would make it the first time that it is seen in the series). Another interesting point is that, in this episode, Bo and Luke comment on what a good driver Enos is. Soon, Enos would become known as one of the worst drivers in Hazzard County! However, I kinda while it might have been fun for Rosco to be a bad driver, part of me kinda wishes that they'd kept Enos as a credible driver, to give Bo and Luke more of a run for their money through the bulk of the show's run.

    Rosco shoots one of the mobsters in the leg at the climax of this story, something he would never go on to do, as the producers and James Best decided to evolve the character into a bumbling goon. There is some slapstick as Rosco falls through the door of the Duke farm, and later the amusing scene of Boss falling backwards out of his Cadillac as Bo and Luke's arrows narrowly miss him, but on the whole, as with the other very early episodes, this story plays more of a comedy-drama, which I kinda like more in a way.

    Guest star Jeannie Wilson puts in a good performance as the heavily pregnant Mary Kaye, and she's another example of an early character that I wouldn't have minded popped up again over the course of the series (though Wilson did appear as a different character in the second season episode "Treasure of Hazzard").

    As mentioned, there is indeed no General Lee seen in this episode (bar the opening and closing credits), the only time in the entire run that this happened. It maybe could have been featured in the background during the climatic duel between the Duke Boys and gangster McQuade and sidekick Leo, but to be honest, the fact that it doesn't feature in this one has never really bothered me that much. Sure, it's kinda the icon of the series, and I LOVE that car, but at the same time, later episodes maybe felt obliged to shoehorn it into the plot and relied on it a little too heavily; these early stories that don't rely on the General quite so much seem to have a lot of range to them. Relying on the General so much did verge on making some later episodes a bit repetitive at times, in my opinion.

    All of the original five Georgia-filmed episodes are great instalments, giving things such a great rural feel (as I've commented on previous reviews, I really wish they could have remained filming here), but even so – even without the General – "Mary Kaye's Baby" is probably one of my all-time favourite episodes of 'Dukes'. Ever since I recorded this one from $ky on the early 1990s, I've watched this episode over and over. I give it a solid 10/10.
  • The 1st Episode with out the Dukes car: Genral Lee named after the Southen Army Genral Lee from 1860's

    This Dukes of Hazzed Episode was the 1st not to have the Genral Lee in it. Genarl Lee is their car that is super fast. They are trying to save an old Friends baby from a few losers that are trying to take the baby back.
    The Episode its self was not bad but for me the fact that it does not have the Genral Lee in it just made me not like it.
  • A pregnant woman carrying $100,000 hitch hiking through Hazzard just happens to get picked up by the boys. Boss learns of and wants the money, but so do the bad guys!!

    First off this episode has one big fault, no General Lee. I have no idea why. No Daisy in skimpy outfits. On the upside good car chases and more of Boss Hogg and Rosco.

    The boys got a car (not the General Lee) full of moon shine that really all belongs to Boss Hogg, who hired Cooter to deliver it. I should mention that Cooter ain't the honest guy we see in later episodes. Anyway the boys kinda borrowed the car fromm Cooter not knowing about the shine. Once...while being chased by Enos they take a closer look in the back seat and discover whats there they toss it all out the window. There's still several jugs in the trunk, but that comes into play later on.

    Marry Kaye hitch hiking through Hazzard with a hundred grand of her husbands money he was suposed to deliver to the bad guys, well when he was arrested, she (Marry Kaye) figgered she was left high and dry so she decided to help herself to the money and run to Florida to have her baby and lay low.

    In this episode we learn why Rosco turned sour and bitter after 20yrs of law enforcement. Losing his pension was a pretty good reason.

    One funny scene is when Rosco and Enos are questioning Cooter about the shine, Cooter distracts the conversation by describing to Enos the various sooped up parts of the Blue Plymouth the boys were driving.

    Marry Kaye can't wait, she's having the baby now!! The bad guys show up at the farm guns are firing left and right in a shoot'em up.Boss Hogg shows up and tells the bad guys he don't like any gun firing in Hazzard and to clear out.

    Another funny scene is when Boss Hogg is standing up in his car and the Dukes fire an arrow toward his car just missing him and the bad guy. Boss freaks and Yells out "it's me Boss your friend" and another two arrows get shot at him.

    This is the only time I remeber Rosco shooting his gun and actually hitting someone, one of the bad guys who was shooting at him.

    At the end of the episode the car blows up and Daisy has more smarts that ya may think. You'll have to watch to see why. :)

  • Funny as always!

    A good episode no doubt about it. Still there are some problems that prevent it from being really "great". First there's no General Lee. The Dukes without General Lee just doesnt work so well. Its an important part of the show. I love that car!
    Second, Daisy is hardly in it. And she's wearing trousers!!!!
    Third, the Mary Kaye's character is pretty annoying! And I mean really annoying.
    Still there's a whole lot of chasing going on and Roscoe is as funny and goofy as ever. Boss Hogg has an hilarious scene and the plot moves along nicely.
    Its an amusing, "feel good" episode but not on the "best" list. Sill well worth watching.
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