The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 4 Episode 1

Mrs. Daisy Hogg

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1981 on CBS

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  • Daisy Duke is marrying a Hogg?

    Bo and Luke get into a little accident with two out of towners. They start to argue at who had the right away when Bo and Luke learn that one of the guys there is Boss Hogg's nephew, Jaime Lee Hogg. Rosco shows up and Jaime and his pal tell their sides of what happened. Rosco just assumes that Bo and Luke are guilty and he takes them into town. When they get to town Daisy, Uncle Jesse, and Cooter get to meet Jaime. Daisy thinks that if he's a Hogg then he ain't worth nothing. Bo and Luke get away, and then Jaime tells Daisy that he'll drop the charges. Daisy starts to think that he ain't like the other Hoggs. Of course, Daisy and Jaime fall in love and Boss and the Dukes don't approve of it. But Jaime and Daisy don't care and they don't stop seeing each other. Eventually, Jaime asks Daisy to marry him and she says yes. Boss and the Dukes try to talk them out of it but they can't. Bo and Luke know that Jaime ain't what he seems to be and they sneak around to find out what he really is like. They find out that he is doing a little bit of counterfeiting and when they get caught sneaking around Jaime's partner ties them up. Then he takes Jaime and Daisy along with them and they try to get out of town. But of course it ain't that easy. Bo and Luke get free and they go after them. During the chase Daisy learns that Jaime only asked her to marry him so she wouldn't be able to testify in court against him. Bo and Luke finally catch them and Daisy's heart is broken. This was a really good episode. It was really nice to see what would happen if Daisy really fell in love. Great episode!