The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 3 Episode 15

My Son, Bo Hogg

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 1981 on CBS
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When Bo is on his way to go boar hunting, Rosco chases him but he has an accident and gets amnesia. Boss Hogg takes advantage of him by claiming to be his father so that Bo will make a moonshine delivery to a big buyer in Chickasaw County.moreless

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  • Bo falls and hits his head while being chased by Roscoe. Bo suffers amnesia and is brainwashed by Boss Hogg. Boss has Bo thinking he is his son. Next Boss sends Bo on a moonshine run to Chickasaw County hoping Bo breaks his probation.moreless

    This episode made no sense to me whatsoever. To have a Duke do what a Hogg tells him amnesia or not is ridiculous because the whole storyline is suppose to be Dukes do not like Hoggs and visa versa and this episode breaks that tradition. There are very few Duke episodes that I can criticise but this one just did not make sense. Bottomline for me is the Duke family should stay on one side of the fence and the Hogg family the other. I mean after all isn't that what the story is suppose to be about? HUH! LOL! :-)moreless
  • Bo gets amenesia and Boss gets a son. UGH!

    While on a boar hunting trip, when Bo is being chased by Boss and Roscoe his car runs off the road, and he gets out and walks. Bo hits his head on a log and gets amnesia and is told that he is Boss Hogg's son. I love the scene where he finds out. The doctor says that Bo will be back to normal in 3 or 4 days. Bo is taken to the Boar's Nest which is closed for inventory. Boss feeds him what he says is his favorite food. Then he leaves his keys at the Boar's Nest Bo takes them goes into Hazzard. While on his way to find his daddy, he runs Daisy and Luke off the road (which is totally out of character). Bo while back at the Boar's Nest is asked if he has ever been to Chickasaw County and he says no. Daisy says he has been there a million times Luke. He then is taken to where he is going to start his moonshine run in a gray van. He goes on the moonshine haul through Chickasaw County. When he get to there, Daisy and Luke ask him to pull him over. He throws a punch at Luke. Luke throws Bo against the van he hits his head on that door. He is hidden gets his memory back. Asks what happened. He thought he was going boar hunting. Daisy says you did and caught the biggest boar in Hazzard County. In the meantime Boss loses his fortune and is very upset. It was a great episode.moreless
  • Boss Hogg gets a son.

    When Bo goes on a hunting trip Boss and Rosco chase him. When Bo crashes his loaner car from Cooter, he tries to escape on foot. Instead, he falls and hits his head on a log and goes unconscious. Boss and Rosco bring him to the hospital and when he wakes up he gets amnesia, and Boss tells him that he’s his son. At the Boar’s Nest Boss tells Bo that their enemies are Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse, and that he’s never to go near them. Bo goes on believing that he’s Boss’ son while Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse are out searching for him. As Luke and Daisy are looking for him Bo shows up to ask him a question and then he notices that they’re some of the Dukes and he takes off. Luke and Daisy chase him but Bo runs them off the road. When Uncle Jesse sees him Boss and Rosco quickly grab him and take off with him so that Uncle Jesse couldn’t talk to him. Back at the Boar’s Nest Boss is having Bo ship a load of shine over into Chickasaw County. Luke and Daisy sneak in and they hear what’s going on. However, Rosco and Cletus catch them, and Luke and Daisy run out of there to tell Uncle Jesse what’s going on. They split up to find Bo, and Luke and Daisy run him off the road so they could talk to him. As Luke is trying to tell Bo that he’s a Duke and not a Hogg Bo tries to punch him but Luke pushes Bo into the van. He hits his head and goes unconscious again. Luke takes Bo and Daisy takes the General away from where the van is so that nobody can see them near that shine. Boss and Rosco not only find the shine but so does Sheriff Little. Little destroys the shine, and Luke, Daisy, Uncle Jesse try to wake up Bo. When Bo finally does wake up he remembers who he is but he doesn’t know what he’s doing there. Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse all hug Bo, just thankful that he was back with them. I thought this was a great episode, however, I wish that they showed Luke, Daisy, and Uncle Jesse tell Bo what had been going on.moreless
  • Bo Duke run shine through “shooting” Sheriff Little’s territory? Yeah right. But it’s true. Now, what would make Bo do something that stupid? How about a temporally case of amnesia and Boss’ criminal mind.moreless

    On a trip boar hunting with a friend, Rosco and Boss chase Bo. Wrecking his car, Bo attempts to flee on foot and falls. He falls unconscious and is victim to amnesia and Boss’ next moonshine operation. Right through Chickasaw County, home to “shooting” Sheriff Little. Scenes with amnesia-stricken Bo and the Dukes were too short, but an excellent episode otherwise.
Anna Haney

Anna Haney

C.V. Gumble

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Bill Gross

Bill Gross

Armored Truck Driver

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Ken Hixon

Ken Hixon

Dr. Floyd

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Don Pedro Colley

Don Pedro Colley

Sheriff Little

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Among the items which Rosco brings to the Boars Nest for Bo are a poster, from his performance at the stunt show in Carnival of Thrills and a flag from the First Annual J. D. Hogg Hazzard Derby which featured in the previous episode Duke vs Duke.

    • When Boss Hogg and Rosco come out of the Boar's Nest to go visit Boss's still the yellow car that Bo was driving is in the the corner and the police car is in the center then when Bo comes out to return Boss's keys the yellow car is sitting where the police car used to be.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Bo: Hey, Luke, you sure you don't wanna come hunting with me?
      Luke: Well, Bo, I sure would like to, but I'm doing a bit of camping of my own on Saturday.
      Daisy: Yeah, with Betty Rogers, isn't it?

    • Uncle Jesse: How is he?
      Luke: He's out like a light. He banged his head inside the van.

    • Rosco (about Bo): I don't know. He don't look good.
      Boss: He never look good.

    • [After Bo hits his head on the log and gets knocked out.]
      Boss: I'll cover him while you examine the suspect. Freeze!
      Rosco: Boss, he's already frozen.

    • Uncle Jesse: How're ya feeling, boy?
      Bo: I just don't know what I'm doing here. Thought I was supposed to go boar hunting?
      Daisy: Well, you did. And you caught the biggest boar in the whole county, honey.
      Bo: We did?
      [Luke helps Bo to his feet.]
      Luke: Yeah, come on. I'll tell you all about it on the way home. In the meantime, it's good to have you back.
      Luke gives Bo a hug.

    • Bo: Just what ln the heck do you think you're doing? Daisy : Well what do you think you're doing?, You start talking right now, Bo Duke. Bo: My name is not Duke, My name is Hogg, Bo Hogg. My daddy told me all about you. Daisy: He's lost his mind, Luke. Luke: He ain't lost his mind, just his memory. Daisy: Yeah, but he doesn't know who we are. Luke: Hey, it's the amnesia. Bo: Now if you Dukes don't quit pestering me-- Luke: Hold it a second, Bo. Luke: This is your cousin, Daisy. I'm your cousin, Luke. We're blood kin. Your name is Bo Duke. Bo: You get your hand off of me. Now I've got a delivery to make. Luke: He not lost only his memory, I'd swear Boss Hogg brainwashed him. Bo: Are you gonna get out of my way or do I have to move you? Luke: Bo, you can't do this, You'll violate your probation. Bo: The heck I can't.

    • Rosco: That's the mistake I'm talking about what I'm talking about about is him being his ---..
      Boss Hogg: Pay no mind to the boy's uncle, doc. He's gone swimmy headed about his nephew and worked himself into a state.(with open arms) Say hello to your Daddy!
      Balladeer: Talk about bad luck. Now friends and neighbors, how you like waking up to that?.
      Bo: You're my Daddy?
      Boss Hogg: That's right. I'm J. D. Hogg. Jefferson Davis Hogg. And you're my son, Bo.
      Rosco: Bo Hogg.
      Bo: Bo Hogg?
      Boss Hogg: Bo Hogg.
      Balladeer: Did y'all get that?
      Bo: For once it's good to see you, Daddy.
      Boss Hogg: Oh, that's my boy.
      Dr. Floyd: He ought to be back to normal in about three or four days.
      Boss Hogg: Three or four days. That will be just fine.
      Dr. Floyd: Now you come along with me. We'll get you your shirt and shoes... and get you all fixed up.
      Bo: Yes, sir.
      Boss Hogg: Now you do just what the doc tells you to do, sonny.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Don Pedro Colley makes his first re-occurring appearance in the series as the stern, towering Sheriff Little of Chickasaw County, in this episode. Colley came up with the character's full name, Sheriff Edward Thomas "Big Ed" Little.