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  • i love this show. i now own all the boxsets out for it ^.^

    Cousins Bo and Luke Duke and their car "General Lee", assisted by Cousin Daisy and Uncle Jesse, have a running battle with the authorities of Hazzard County Boss Hogg and Sheriff Coltrane, plus a string of ne'er-do-wells often backed by the scheming Hogg.the Duke boys sometimes fell prey to the greedy schemes of corrupt town leader Boss Hogg and his dimwitted flunky Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane. Sometimes serving as Robin Hood types (replete with bows and flaming arrows), the Dukes attempted to help out their friends and neighbors in distress and avoid being jailed by the unscrupulous Hogg.
  • love it still

    I can remember climbing thro the windows of my Mom and aunts station wagon.. I love this show.. and it is still one of my faves.. it is funny and down to earth the Dukes Rule... and I still love John Scheinder.. he is sexy today as he was when he was a Duke
  • Hot Pursuit: I love it, I love it!

    The Dukes of Hazzard, what a great show this was. What I love about the show the most is how the Dukes always managed to outsmart Boss Hogg and turn his ocassional profits from crooked dealings over to people that Boss has cheated or to underpriviged individuals (like the county orphanage). Another thing that I like about the show is the action and the driving that is done by Bo and Luke (and later Coy and Vance) in order to get away from Roscoe, Enos and Cledus. I think that the car jumping by the Dukes is great, espcially when it results in Roscoe and his trusty deputy to eventually crash into each other and having Roscoe calling either Enos or Cledus a dipstick. In all, I think that the Dukes of Hazzard was one great show when it was on and I love watching the repeats on CMT.
  • A crazy cool show.

    This show is so freakin' awesome. It was cutting edge & hilarious. But, what makes me mad was the movie with Jessica Simpson. That movie totally blows & is a shame to this show & all who acted in it. Even though it was considered awesome, i don't think so. The show is way better.
  • Bo and Luke where the big brothers I never had!

    It's too bad that last impression of the Hazzard franchise will be of douche bag Knoxville and Stifler(who is better than that movie). The original was great and I guess that whole 2000 made for TV movie wasn't the best either. In short, great show that acted out every guys dream.
  • Love the show and the stars!!

    I used to watch the show as a kid
    Growing up as kid in Miami
    My brother and I used to portray Bo & Luke
    I loved Bo as a kid(I think all girls did!)
    But I am leaning on Luke because he was the cool, calm, & collective type.
    And plus I love black hair as I always do.
    But also the General Lee was one cool car!
  • Cool action, an amazing car and funny characters...what else could you ask!?

    This show has been a cult tv-series when i was a kid! I loved to see the adventures of the Dukes of Hazzard and how they could always win a pursuit against the sheriff Rosco or his deputies. I can't even clear from my mind the voices of the italian actors who dubbed the show or the sound of General Lee's horn! After seeing the Hazzard county you can't honestly say you wouldn't like to jump over a river with a car at crazy speed, or have a great lunch at Uncle Jesse's farm, or let the beautiful Daisy help you with some beer, or, why not, be jailed knowing there'll always be someone to come and get you out of it! It's a real classic, and it's perfect for those who like action but also things that'll never change!
  • i need my bo and luke thet would be my cossins ifen i be back home the smart boys that sheff is one domb corn cob it shows were he grew up under the farm house from your friend Sandie Crisp

    i love them dukes them are cute boys and fast car do's it right for me everyday that is wayin i need them dukes the remins me of home and i love my home it's kind of like hazerd county
    so seeing the show takes me in back home and when the show first I got o meet bo on the lot in burbank he was so sweet to me he the best actor on tv and thats above brad pitt

  • Great show .

    The dukes of hazards is one of my favourite shows, mostly because of the great storylines and action.
    Not to forget the great actors in this show, they made it sucha success. I watched the made for tv sequel movie in which daisy plans to marry Enos and this is totally in line with the show and after watching the new movie with Jessica Simpson and then seeing a rerun of The real dukes of hazard i realised how much i love this show.
    I would love to see a new movie sequel in whicvh Enos and Daisy would really get married in line with the show, with the same actors.
  • A classic show bringing robin hood themes to eightes america.

    I only got into this show recently when it was shown on Bravo in the UK. But since have brought on DVD and it is the best show ever. It followed the adventures of Bo and Luke two cousins in Hazzard county. The series work so well becasue it mix comedy with crazy car stunts and explosions from Bo and Luke's special bow and arrows. The characters were over the top but that is aprt of this series' charm. At times teh episodes tended to repeat themselves but that is only to be expected when it ran for so long.
  • The best of the best. My day would'nt be the same without watching the dukes. Especially my hunk john Schnieder

    Dukes of Hazzard Is the Ultimate story of latter- day robin hoods. Good vs Evil (in its own way), and a crooked crook like boss hogg who could ask for more! God bless the people who made a fab series, and the people who made it come to life on the screen. THANKS
  • The General Lee rides again

    This show was before it's time and still a classic. The humor and the high jinks in the show keep you laughing through out the entire series. Everybody I know when the show first aired wanted a General Lee for themselves. Daisy brought the eye candy. Bo and Luke brought the adventure. Boss brought the villian/dunce to the show. Throughout the entire series many of the adventures were very similar but it was the way they were portrayed that made them different and made this show stand out.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is the best TV show ever made and I love it like crazy. No show can or will ever be better.

    The dukes of hazzard is the best TV Show ever and i've watched this show since i was knee high to a grasshopper. The show is full of awesome stunts, extremely good comedy, awesome cast and to many things to list too. I know theres a lot of people out there and critics who agree with me on this, that The Dukes of Hazzard is a legendary TV show! YEEHAW!!!!
  • Great old show!

    This is one of the best shows ever. I wish that I was older when it came out because then I would have MAYBE had a chance to be with Bo Duke (John Schinder) who is just the cutest thing ever in those tight jeans and nice bum of his. Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) was great as well. He was just not the blond bombshell that Bo was. If you have never seen this go out and BUY the seasons because it is well worth it. I\'m sure after the first episode you will be hooked.
  • Bo, Luke, Daisy and Jesse Duke, a family that battles to keep themselves from either losing their farm or staying out of jail. Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane, 2 corrupt members of the law, try everything to either get money or put the Dukes out o

    One of my favourite shows as a child and still is to this day. The Duke boys along with their car, the General Lee!

    The General Lee, a car that is quick and is part of the Duke family. The General Lee has gotten the Dukes out of trouble many times and also won them alot of cash!

    It was one of the first tv shows, other than Herbie to have a car that really made a show work. Many of the shows fans just watched it to see the General in action, doing it's famous leaps from bridges and ramps.

    Bo, Luke and Daisy were great for the show and fitted in perfectly, three young cousins who always stuck up for eachother and tried to do the right thing according to the law of Hazzard.

    Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane were another excellent duo, with their comic behaviour and always getting up to some sort of mischief. Trying to get their hands on alot of cash, trying to put the Dukes in jail or trying to get the Duke farm!

    Cooter was another character who was the local mechanic (the only mechanic!) and helped the Dukes throughout the series, whether it was fixing The General Lee, lending the Duke boys his tow truck or hiding the Duke boys in his garage.

    Overall, this show was brilliant for it's time and I always looked forward to watching it. I particularly enjoyed watching the General Lee perform it's jumps - I hope you enjoy this show as much as I did. Yeeeeee Haaaaa
  • This show is great!

    I just started watching this show on CMT and it's already become one of my favorites. Its really good and makes and laugh and love the actors. John Schneider is my favorite because hes on my favorite show Smallville. This is a great show even though its one of the older ones its absolutley one of the best ones.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is Set in a Small Town of Hazzard in the Deep South, Its 3 cousins living with there uncle and Fighting Corruption around Hazzard, and making it a Good place to live for all people, its a Testament to how good people can make a Differ

    Well I think the Dukes of Hazzard shows how people Down South are, just good ol' folks trying to scrape by, and live life to the Fullest. I think The Dukes is a Testment to all Yankees up north that Life down south is Great for people who love Good home Cooking and Good People and How who arent Offended by the Confederate Flag. I think the General Lee is the most Awesome Car, It is a true testament to southern Pride and Heritage. The whole show is a Testament to Southern Pride and life down home,Bottom line Dukes rule!
  • A good Television show the dukes of hazard is with the general lee and the dukes boys seems always to be in trouble.

    Well i like the dukes of hazards alot with the cars stunts, the action, the comedy it has everything in this show. My best wishes goes to Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse. The Duke boys seems that they could never get out of trouble as enos and roscoe always finding something to arrest these two.The Dukes always seemed to outsmarth the two policeman.
  • Boss Hog is very bad person.Uncle Jesse try his best to do what every they can me it will not work at all. The Duke Of HAzard are nice, loving , caring people to deal with all a deal base it seem that way on tv.

    I love the show alot. It is my favorite tv show to watch. Because this doesn\'t happen in real life. I willn\'t let nobody turn the tv form let my watching the tv show. I wish it would stay on more that a hour. I love all the cast in the show.

  • I luv this show it is the best show of its time. I thank whoever made uo this show.

    this is the best show evr except for when john and tom went away for nearly a year. Sadly after that the show got worse except 4 a few episodes.But i can't wait for the new season where bo and luke (the real bo and luke) ride again.I luv dukes of hazzard.
  • The Dukes Of Hazzard is by far the best show that has ever been on TV, and the best show that will ever be on TV.

    I love The Dukes Of Hazzard because it has great characters including the best car ever The General Lee, and with every episode it just keeps getting better and better.The Dukes Of Hazzard is the best show that has ever been on TV and the best show that will ever be on TV.I love The Dukes Of Hazzard.
  • i loved that show they should bring it back on air. i would be happy if they brought the show back. i think it was messed up in the movie they changed the song with someone else singing the theme song i thought that was f***ed up. it was great

    i loved all the shows and i also loved the movie,i think it was messed up in the movie they changed the song with someone else singing the theme song i thought that was f***ed up. besides taht it was good. jessica simspons was good in the movie. see ya
  • i think dukes of hazzard it very good and i think they should have it on more the once a week

    i think the dukes of hazzard is very good and i think it should be on more times and i thnk it is very funny.
    the dukes of hazzard is good and some of them makes me cry like a boys best frined and some others i like the dukes boy and how the make a good jump over things and the police can't it's funny.

  • A thrilling TV show without special effects.

    I have just recently started watching this because it's 12 years ahead of my time.

    It's a great show and it's definitly a good show to watch.

    I really dislike the fact that they made a movie with so many sexual come-ons, I mean the '70's version was just plain fun but the new one.... yuck!

    Who doesn't like seeing the General Lee go off jumps and see it land perfectly?

    This has caught my attention because it's so fun.

    We see a family that is so genuine. I mean who doesn't like hearing " Family is all we's got left".

    Any whoo I give it 10/10 'til next time I'm out- suekosa
  • Great Show

    I think this is one of the best shows from the '80s. This is one of the many shows that my dad and I both love. It started the year I was born and my dad watched it every Friday. He even
    watched the show in later reruns, I only watched
    some of the episodes(reruns) so I don't remember much from any of 'em. I've watched several older
    tv shows and movies and I only like some of 'em,
    Dukes of Hazzard is one of my favorite shows.
    I've also bought Seasons 1-3 on DVD and will soon
    buy the Season 4 DVD set. Also I WILL buy
    Seasons 5,6 & 7 DVD sets when they come out.
  • Wholesome Bo and Luke Duke are two good ole country boys trying to right the wrongs of a corrupt Southern police force assisted by their wise Uncle Jessie, the beautiful short-short clad cousin Daisy, their mechanic friend Cooter Davenport and a souped up

    Ok, whoever had the idea to make that horrible waste of time otherwise known as The Dukes of Hazzard movie should be shot! The REAL Dukes are, and forever will be, the Dukes we know and love from the television series.

    Long before Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White came along, Bo and Luke Duke made being a redneck ultra cool!! Despite being what some people might consider is light on plot, The Dukes of Hazzard was a wonderful example of wholesome family fare that was able to cross over generations and genders. Guys drooled over the pumped up cars, the bloodless fist fights, the backroad car chases and, of course, Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) in her trademark "Daisy Duke's", those oh-so-tempting-but-not-too revealing short-shorts, a pair of which are now housed in the Smithsonian. Girls drooled over John Schneider (Bo Duke) and Tom Wopat (Luke Duke) and prayed fervently for those scenes were we might just catch a glimpse of one of them without a shirt!

    All in all, The Dukes of Hazzard was a family-oriented show that espoused morality without getting preachy. I grew up with this show and some 20 years later still tune in whenever possible to watch and enjoy again. I would caution viewers, though, that they should limit their Dukes viewing to the years headed up by Schneider and Wopat. The episodes centered around other cousins Coy and Vance pale in comparison to the point of being a lifeless imitation of what had been a good show.

  • Duke cousins Bo, Luke, & Daisy live on & keep up the Duke farm with dear old Uncle Jesse, while also keeping the county commissioner (Boss Hogg) from corrupting Hazzard County.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is a all-time classic family tv show. With stars such as the incredibly funny James Best (Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane) and Sonny Shroyer (Deputy Enos Strait), it is an instant fan favorite. Now back on the air (weeknights on CMT), I highly reccomend "The Dukes" as a family choice.
  • Made Friday Nights Even Better!

    I really enjoyed this show as a kid and love watching the reruns on TV. A great way to kick off the weekend was to watch this every Friday night. I have also loved car chases and crashes and this show had it all. When I was growing up I also wanted my very own General Lee so I could climb in and out of the car through the windows.
  • Bo, Luke, Daisy and Uncle Jesse Duke, along with their best friend Cooter Davenport, routinely try to "ruin" greedy County Commissioner Boss Hogg's dirty schemes and plots. Because of this, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane always try to frame the D

    I started watching The Dukes Of Hazzard when my parents were watching it on CMT. I was instantly hooked and I fell in love with it. I own all the season sets out in stores and I buy new ones the same day they are released. The Dukes Of Hazzard includes high-speed chases, action-packed adventures, hilarious comedy, and, let\'s not forget, an absolutely wonderful cast & characters. All of these put together create an amzing television series. This show teaches moral and family values along with other teachings. I believe that The Dukes Of Hazzard television series and The Dukes Of Hazzard the movie share only one thing in common: their name. I believe the movie is a disgrace to the show. I love John Schneider (Bo), Tom Wopat (Luke), Catherine Bach (Daisy), Denver Pyle (Uncle Jesse), and Sorrell Booke (Boss Hogg). I don\'t believe that the movie\'s cast can EVER come close to portraying the characters the way that they did.
  • One Of the best shows of all Time . Who could forget Them good ol Boys Bo And Luke Or sweet Daisy Or the Good ol Uncle Jesse ,Boss Hogg, Rosco, Enos,Cooter,Or Even Cletus, Each Week on Friday Night Many families joined together to watch this good ol whole

    In My Thought this is one of the greatest shows of all time it inluded two of the best tv duos of all time in television Bo (John Shcneider) And Luke Duke (Tom Wopat ) always coming out on top winning their fight to win justice in small town south USA . WHo Could forget the other great Duo this show offered BOSS HOGG ( Sorrell Booke) And ROSCO P. COLTRANE (JIMMIE BEST) These to guys joined together to makeup one of the best bad guy duos of all time with a great comedic twist added they were simply funny.
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