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  • Fun Thrillbilly stuff!!!

    New York city people wonder how life is on the countryside. The Dukes of Hazzard depicts exactly that. While TDOH shows the hillbilly life-style, It also shows the adventures of the cousins Luke and Bo Dukes, their beautiful cousin Daisy, and their Uncle Jesse, trying to get away from the greedy Boss Hogg. While TDOH has fast-paced raceing, high flying, off road, off earth jumps, and some fighting, the drama, its all that dramatic. Sometimes you have no idea what is going on. Sometimes it's not even that funny. But it is very action packed, and that is what I like about this show. So, some undeveloped stories, some undramatic scenes, and some unfunny parts, but for the most part it has all that and more. One of my favorites. 8.5/10. YEEHAAW!
  • This show was about a family and it's beloved car in the southern fictitous town of Hazzard, Georgia and they get in trouble with the corrupt politician and commisioner known as Boss Hogg and his dipstick sherriff Rosco p. Coltrane,the rest in the review

    I think that this is the best show i've ever seen in the world and i am a super extreme dukes fan. Even though the show is old and shows it i still like and every episode even coy and vance episodes are all really good and little kids will be crazy for the dukes, so I reccomend this show to everyone. YEEHAW!

    Heres the rest of the summary:
    who try and get the good 'ol boys to break there probation and keep them from winning races against them and from stopping there schemes to foreclose on the people of Hazzards Homes.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard followed the crazy law-defying lives of the Duke Brothers, Bo and Luke. The pair is forever trying to escape the clutches of the local law enforcement, Boss Hog, and Rosco P Coltrane...

    The Dukes of Hazzard was always a family favorite as I was growing up. I remember every Friday night, we would walk to the store, and buy a treat, for 'Friday night treat night', and then we would all gather around the TV, to watch The Dukes of Hazzard. If you sat down to watch it now, having never seen it before, you may find it to be corny. (which it was, but in a good way) Even rewatching it now, I can appreciate the silliness of the show, but I still love it! The Dukes of Hazzard, is one of the most fun to watch shows I can remember. It has everything, from high speed car chases, to barroom brawls, to good old-fashioned country fun. The acting was cheesy at best, but it added to the charm of the show. The show, however cheesy it may have been, managed to last 7 seasons, which is a lot more, than most shows these days. I want to conclude by pleading that no one judge this show, if they have only seen the movie. The movie, (though I have not seen it, and probably never will), looks absolutely nothing like the original show. It is, at best, a glitzy Hollywood account of a totally non-glitzy show.
  • Best show of all time!

    The original Dukes of Hazzard was the best show of all time. I grew up watching the show. It was then and is still my favorite show. My children love it as much as I do.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is one of the few shows that we can all sit down and watch together. I don't have to worry about something bad being in it, that my children don't need to see or hear.

    The new movie won't be as good as the original because let's face it Jessica Simpson, as beautiful as she is, is no Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach). And the guys won't be the same either. The chemistry between the original cast is not replaceable. I'll give the new movie a chance, but I won't get my hopes up.

    The original show rocks, including the two reunion shows. I miss Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg; the second reunion just wasn't the same without them.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is the best action/comedy/driving show I ever saw.

    The movie should be the start of a new series of DOH with different characters but the good old general lee. The new series should be as good as the old series to. Nobody should complain about the movie or characters till you see it yourself. SEe the movie and dont judge it its commercials.
  • The Duke family, Uncle Jesse, Bo, Luke and Daisy... They live in a town called Hazzard County, which is owned by "villain" Boss Hogg and his dipstick law inforcement, who are always chasing Bo and Luke who ride in the General Lee.

    Allthough this show is before my time, I usually watch the reruns, which are still aired!! I think that shows how popular this show was when it was originally aired. Offcourse, the stories are quite simple, and it's just soo seventies. But hey those carchases are great, especially when good ol' Roscoe end up in the creek again!
  • If anyone actually reads these things, I'm going to be in alot of trouble. I just wanted to comment on the episode where Bo and Luke return to the show.

    I'd just like to say that getting Bo and Luke back on the show was a good thing, however the writing didn't seem to improve. In the episode "Welcome back, Bo 'n' Luke" the original Duke boys show up in a yellow Mustang. It is later revealed that Coy and Vance have to leave in order to help out Aunt Bessie. (Trust me, I am going somewhere with this.) During the "changing of the guard" scene where Luke and Vance swap car keys, Vance hands the Mustang keys to Coy and says "Here ya go, Byron." Ha! See what I did there? I used a review to submit a piece of trivia. I had to do that because I'm only a level one member and you have to be at least level two in order to post trivia, but anyone can write a review. So, I give "Welcome back Bo 'n' Luke" a four. It was okay, not terrible, not great.
  • I feel like white trash for saying this but I loved that show when I was little.

    I had all the Dukes stuff, a shirt, a cup, hotcycle, that was my show growing up. I watched it later when they showed it on TNT or TNN one of those hick networks and I didn't realize how hoky and cheesy it was, but it is still a great classic, and I still enjoyed watching it. I am kind of with Cooter (cooter = comedy) not on the sex and violence, but the fact they have the dumbest cast that are nothing like the originals, and none of the originals are in it, if Jessica Simspon shows the goods, then maybe I will see it, or if they mute her voice. I will wait for the $2 or video, and probably will end up seeing it who am I kidding.
  • Lightweight but entertaining and enjoyable.

    I'll be the first to admit that Dukes of Hazzard did nothing to change the face of television nor did it contain anything of social relevance. Most of the episodes were carbon copies of the previous ones and followed the same basic storyline: Hazzard County Boss J. D. Hogg and his stooge, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, would attempt to frame a member of the Duke clan for some infraction in order to steal their farm and/or send one of them off to jail. A lot of car chases, jail breaks, and car crashes would then ensue with the Dukes clearing their name at the end of the episode and foiling Boss and Roscoe once again.

    Now despite the fact that the majority of the storylines followed the above basic outline most of the episodes were entertaining and enjoyable. That's a testament to the fine cast of actors who made up the show's ensemble. Tom Wopat and John Schneider were likable and believable as Bo and Luke Duke, Catherine Bach was sexy and appealing as Daisy Duke, Denver Pyle was excellent as the show's moral center, Uncle Jesse Duke, and Sorrell Booke and James Best were funny as the show's two buffoonish villains. You could tell that the cast of Dukes of Hazzard was tight and that they enjoyed working with each other. That chemistry came out on screen. It's something many shows simply don't have even ones more popular with the critics than DOH.

    Part of the reason I think for the show's success in the ratings was that the audience got what the show was about whereas the more sophisticated TV critics did not. It wasn't about car chases and car crashes. It was about family sticking together and doing the right thing. That never goes out of style. The producers of this new Dukes of Hazzard movie need to remember that.
  • I love Dukes of Hazzard

    I have recently bought the first season DVD collection and have been going back and watching all of the episodes to get me ready for the new movie. Therefore I love this TV show and can't wait for the movie. This is what I think about The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • This show was before my time, but i still watch the reruns...

    This show was before my time, but i still watch the reruns and can tell how cool the show was. i can not wait until the new movie comes out. I bet it will be good, just not as good as the show. The boys from Hazzard County, Georgia know how to have a good time. The show had everything: Action, Comedy, Drama, and a hot girl. Boss Hog was the most crooked person I have ever seen, and for him to run the government...... I think they made Georgia look a little to southern, but then again it was the 70’s and 80’s and it was pretty country back then.......
  • I grew up on this show. It was definitely fabulous!

    I once read an article about the show. One of the cast members said that it was pure, clean fun. No one got killed but you always had some sort of a lesson that was learned in the show. I always came away from the show having learned something. For example, episode The Carnival of Thrills, family is family. Don't let anything come between you and your family. I'm glad that they are putting it out on DVD.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is one of the best shows ever.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is about two Southern cousins, Bo and Luke Duke who are played by John Schneider and Tom Wopat, who along with there cousin Daisy, played by Catherine Bach,there Uncle Jessie, played by Denver Pyle, and Family friend Cooter Davenport, played by Ben Jones, and one very Fast and Hot Car,the General Lee. They set out to defend the name of Duke in Hazzard county from the corrupted Hazzard County Law Enforcement. Roscoe P. Coltraine, played by James Best, and his "little fat buddy" Boss Hog, played by Sorrel Brooks, are the sherrif and County Commissioner. They do everything they can to put the Duke Boys in jail. Because if the Duke Boys were in jail they could do all of the illegal smuggling and stealing without being caught. It is a comedy/action show and if you've never watched it you need to. It is really cool.
  • I always wanted to launch my car over bridges and gullies just like the General Lee.

    Now that the DVDs are out, it will be interesting to see how many of the shows I saw the first time as a kid. I always enjoyed the antics of Bo and Luke Duke, and could not believe how bone-headed Enos could be at times.

    One of my all time personal favorites from my childhood.
  • A show which featured a fast car and a hot chick. Who knew that the dukes were giving us an insight into what makes a great movie and a great show. For example " Fast, & the Furious 1 & 2, Gone in 60 seconds"...... and so on.

    One of my favorite shows growing up, because as a kid I loved playing with Hot Wheels. In that time fast cars was all over Hollywood. Movies such as "Smokey & the Bandit 1 & 2" were the movies popular at the movies. I remember sitting down to watch the show with all my Hot Wheels cars scattered all over the floor. I also remember owning the General Lee car that was made from ertel (which happened to be 10 times bigger than the rest of my hot wheel cars.) Every car scene was replayed on my living room floor. Then the next morning i would go outside and try the same stunts that the General Lee did outside on my bike.
  • A comedy-drama that gave us memorable scenes,characters, and a classic car. Rural setting of Hazzard County,Georgia was the home of the Dukes,headed by Uncle Jesse,his nephew Bo and Luke, and niece Daisy. Their mischief often found them in trouble with th

    This show is a personal favorite of mine. It had a nice mix of comedy and mild drama that made for entertaining television. Even though I am a self proclaimed "city boy", I enjoyed the country,good ole boy, charm of the show. They never made the plot/story of the show too complicated. This show provided memorable characters and scenes. Arguably, the real star of this show is the car,General Lee. Not to be forgotten are the Duke boys themselves,Bo and Luke,Boss Hog,Sheriff Coltrane, and Daisy Duke herself(especially her in those shorts). This was a fun show watching as a child as I was just nine when it premiered. I highly recommend for those looking for good,clean,fun television.
  • Dukes of Hazzard, the original, and only show/movie that should hold the name Dukes of Hazzard.

    I started watching Dukes of Hazzard the start of season 3 on CMT. And I was hooked. This show has fun, mild mild drama, stunts, car chases, and everyone goes home happy in the end.

    This show is a classic. A piece of tv history that will never be forgotten or tossed aside.

    Now dont mix it up with the new Movie coming out. That new movie is NOTHING like the show. The Original Dukes of Hazzard and only the original will live on forever!
  • The Dukes was the most influential show with respect to my driving skills.

    I grew up in Upstate NY. Close to Pennsylvania. Catskill mountains! 2 hours north of the Big Apple.

    We had dirt and unevenly paved back roads galore. And we had local constables who a number of my friends, including myself, attempted to out-run.

    I owned a black Chevy S-10 Pickup, and I called her Betsy, but I drove her like the General!

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