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  • Dukes of Hazzard, the original, and only show/movie that should hold the name Dukes of Hazzard.

    I started watching Dukes of Hazzard the start of season 3 on CMT. And I was hooked. This show has fun, mild mild drama, stunts, car chases, and everyone goes home happy in the end.

    This show is a classic. A piece of tv history that will never be forgotten or tossed aside.

    Now dont mix it up with the new Movie coming out. That new movie is NOTHING like the show. The Original Dukes of Hazzard and only the original will live on forever!
  • a childhood classic!

    when I saw this show for the first time I was nothing more than a young boy and I liked it so so much! Great deal of action in this southern atmosphere: what's not to love? The cast was awesome and many characters become myths, them and General Lee, the car I have always fantasized about. I always wanted to grow up like them, cool and ruthless with a car I could enter only from its windows! Man I liked this show! I certainly have watched some very good action-shows but this one will always be special for me. I hope you know what I mean
  • This show was before my time, but i still watch the reruns...

    This show was before my time, but i still watch the reruns and can tell how cool the show was. i can not wait until the new movie comes out. I bet it will be good, just not as good as the show. The boys from Hazzard County, Georgia know how to have a good time. The show had everything: Action, Comedy, Drama, and a hot girl. Boss Hog was the most crooked person I have ever seen, and for him to run the government...... I think they made Georgia look a little to southern, but then again it was the 70’s and 80’s and it was pretty country back then.......
  • Great Show

    The dukes of hazzard is another one of my favorite shows from the late 70s and early 80s although i like MacGyver better this is still a classic. A very funny show at times. Then in season 5 there were new actors but only for about 18 episodes I think. I'm not exactly sure what the big dispute was and why tom wopat and john schneider left but ratings dropped when they left and when thay came back ratings went back up. The one good thing about season 5 was that they brought enos back to the show and got rid of cletus. Some of the best episodes are when Boss hoggs nephew Hughie Hogg comes to town. In every episode they jump a car at least once and sometimes twice. They ended up by the end of the show wrecking about 300 and something cars. Well this is a great show. Later...
  • The Dukes of Hazzard - a fun show that is never forgotten!

    There was a time when TV was fun to sit down and watch with your entire family. When you had one TV in the house and a handful of channels to pick from. You didn't have to worry too much about what your kids would see. The Dukes of Hazzard was a show that thrilled kids and entertained adults of all ages. It was simple, down-home fun that didn't challenge your notions of the world.

    From the bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane, to the blustering and greedy Boss Hogg, the characters are as memorable as the famous General Lee. The beautiful Daisy Duke was a lady that little girls could look up to; Bo and Luke Duke were positive role models for young boys. Where are the heroes today? For many of us, they remain in Hazzard County, still fightin' the system.
  • Coy and Vance rock -- Don't care what anyone else thinks!

    This was a truly wonderful escapist entertainment show. I had to ding the show a little because the show earned its cancellation because of an infamous seventh season. The show really pushed the envelope on stunt work -- hands down, the best car stunts ever filmed for a TV series. Which is why I mentioned the last season -- for the producers abandoned the death-defying car stunts and replaced them with cheap minature toys for action sequences. It was an awful cost-cutting move that killed the show. Still, we got a great six seasons of Dukes. I mentioned Coy and Vance earlier because the producers really did the best stunt work during the "New Duke" episodes.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is amazing...even though I'm only 17 and this came out way before my time

    A few years ago, I was just channel surfing looking for something to watch and I came across this show on CMT. I started watching it and fell in love with it, who doesn't love a show about fast cars and redneck cops? I really became a big fan of the show! Last summer, I actually got to go to Covington, Georgia where the the earlier shows were filmed. It was really cool to be where one of my favorite shows was actually filmed. This show is a classic and I would recommend it to anyone. It's family friendly and fun, even though it is rather predictable!
  • Two good old boys on the bad side of the law battle corruption in their home county.

    One of the finest and most addictive series ever committed to film. Full of plenty of high-quality car chases, superb acting, and the "villians" you just have to enjoy. Unfortunatly, the series does have some evident drawbacks. Many episodes are somewhat similar in format, with villians arriving in Hazzard to pull off a criminal feat, and a prolonged car chase and fight scene to foil them all in about 48 minutes. Sometimes Boss and Rosco are a little bit too silly to be believeable, and every so often, annoying stock footage was used as a cost cutting measure. Overall though, highly recommended as good, clean fun.
  • i absolutely love this show

    The Dukes of Hazzard was one of my fave television shows. I didn't like the first episode but after watching two or three episodes, I realized that it was a great show. I was still young back then and I've seen each and every episode and found it very entertaining. It is also based on a movie titled Moonrunners. I would have to say that it is an incredible southern TV series with sense of humor and great escapade! I have a DVD Copy of this show which I purchased at dvdbooth .com The DVDs I received from this company has the quality that a certain customer will surely love. I'm very proud to own a copy of this show. There's no show like this one. This show is certainly a one-of-a-kind and you can watch these episodes over several chapters of life and maturity, and still find significance in them!
  • Love the Show but i hate the movie

    Personal i love the show i wish had one of the Generals. I have every season and i have seen them like 20 times each. that just how much i love the show but the movie i had big problem with it.. Personal if i were part of the cast of the show i would have sued the one(s) who made the movie cause the was some wrong with it one the actors they picked were the wrong for it! That movie is the wores movie i have ever seen. like the show is great but they ruden the show by putting the actor from american pie in the movie. he is the also one of the wores actors. but the movie have so many erorrs in it i don't know where to start. well interior was all wrong didn't even have a the cross bars that u see in the show and the color of the interior and also the doors weren't welled at the being they were welled in tell half throught the movie. if you going to take a show and turn it in to a movie do it right!!
  • An awesome, good, country classic!!!

    This was a very fantastic show. One reason because it was a good country, classic, show. It wasn't one that took place in a big city like New York City, Los Angelos, or Chicago. It took place in a little town south in Georgia, near Atlanta. And, since I live in the south, I enjoy it very much. They use hillbilly words like gonna, kinda, sorta, yall, ya, and every time they use a word that has 'ing' at the end, they say it with 'in', like, drivin'. Then another reason is that I love all the characters, especially Rosco, Boss Hogg, and Enos. Then, the car chases, wrecks, and crashes. I love when Rosco, Enos, and Cletus always run into each other, buildings, lakes, ponds or other cars. Its so dang hilarious!!! Mark my word. Bring it back!!!
  • i can't believe how good Dukes of Hazzard is! Seriously! I just flipped to a channel and decided to watch it and was completely glued.

    it's just all about friendship and saving the day and doing some good ole' jumping in their Generall Lee. It's a fun show that you would only like if your completely country. Or you watch it because you think the guys(Bo mostly, but Luke's pretty cute) or girls(Daisy..) are hot. a very well rounded show and i don't see why anyone wouldn't fall in love with this fun classic. it's still popular after all these years! amazing! it's very well the best television show in tv right now even though it's..what..alot of years old? Don't you agree? The fifth season doesn't cut it though-Coy and Vance frankly suck
  • My mom got me hooked on this show.

    The Dukes of Hazzard was on when my mom was young. I watched that new movie with Jessica, Seann, and Johnny, and thought it was good until my mom told me it use to be a tv show. The first episode I saw was "The Runaway". After that I couldn't stop watching it. Now I own seasons 1-6, and can't wait for season 7. Everyday I come home from work, and pop in one of my seasons and watch the "Dukes" until I go to bed. This is the greatest show ever made.
  • This show was about a family and it's beloved car in the southern fictitous town of Hazzard, Georgia and they get in trouble with the corrupt politician and commisioner known as Boss Hogg and his dipstick sherriff Rosco p. Coltrane,the rest in the review

    I think that this is the best show i've ever seen in the world and i am a super extreme dukes fan. Even though the show is old and shows it i still like and every episode even coy and vance episodes are all really good and little kids will be crazy for the dukes, so I reccomend this show to everyone. YEEHAW!

    Heres the rest of the summary:
    who try and get the good 'ol boys to break there probation and keep them from winning races against them and from stopping there schemes to foreclose on the people of Hazzards Homes.
  • Best show of all time!

    The original Dukes of Hazzard was the best show of all time. I grew up watching the show. It was then and is still my favorite show. My children love it as much as I do.

    The Dukes of Hazzard is one of the few shows that we can all sit down and watch together. I don't have to worry about something bad being in it, that my children don't need to see or hear.

    The new movie won't be as good as the original because let's face it Jessica Simpson, as beautiful as she is, is no Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach). And the guys won't be the same either. The chemistry between the original cast is not replaceable. I'll give the new movie a chance, but I won't get my hopes up.

    The original show rocks, including the two reunion shows. I miss Uncle Jesse and Boss Hogg; the second reunion just wasn't the same without them.
  • One Of the best shows of all Time . Who could forget Them good ol Boys Bo And Luke Or sweet Daisy Or the Good ol Uncle Jesse ,Boss Hogg, Rosco, Enos,Cooter,Or Even Cletus, Each Week on Friday Night Many families joined together to watch this good ol whole

    In My Thought this is one of the greatest shows of all time it inluded two of the best tv duos of all time in television Bo (John Shcneider) And Luke Duke (Tom Wopat ) always coming out on top winning their fight to win justice in small town south USA . WHo Could forget the other great Duo this show offered BOSS HOGG ( Sorrell Booke) And ROSCO P. COLTRANE (JIMMIE BEST) These to guys joined together to makeup one of the best bad guy duos of all time with a great comedic twist added they were simply funny.
  • Great country show. Great comedy, great action/adventure. Gotta love every one of the Dukes, and folks in Hazzard County.

    The "Dukes of Hazzard" centers around three cousins: Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke who live with their Uncle Jesse Duke. They live in Hazzard County, Georgia, (the show took place in Conyers, but is referred to as Hazzard in the show) which is ran by goons. The county commissioner is J.D. [Jefferson Davis] Hogg. His sheriff is Rosco P. Coltrane, who's older sister, Lulu, is Boss's wife. These are the more "evil forces" in Hazzard. These two are always wanting to throw the Duke boys (Bo and Luke, who are on probation) in jail, no matter what, and take over their uncle's farm.

    The two deputies, that take turns with stints on the show, (they had one run where both of them were on the show at the same time with their own cop cars, etc.) are the nicer ones who don't agree with Hogg's quest to get the Duke boys in jail and take over the farm. Those two are Enos Strait, who gets the first term, and then Boss's cousin, Cletus Hogg. He had one appearance in Season 1 when he wasn't the deputy. The reason why the Dukes can take advantage of these two deputies is they all have crushes on Daisy Duke - played by Cathering Bach - who is still pretty good-looking even though she is over 50 years of age today. And I don't blame them.

    So the show had a good run in it's seven seasons, and the movies were decent, except the Dukes of Hazzard Movie starring Jessica Simpson. None of the characters resembled who they were playing at all. Schneider as Bo, Wopat as Luke, Bach as Daisy, that's how it should be. And then in Season 5 when the Dukes left and were replaced by other cousins, Coy and Vance, who were supposedly supposed to look like them, the show got worse. The writers finally realized that and brought the original Dukes back, but Season 6 and 7 lacked due to fewer car crashes, which we saw plenty of in Seasons 2-4. I loved those.

    Great memories. Too bad they don't show the Dukes on television as of I know of right now.
  • I love Dukes. A classic show. The General Lee rox my sox!

    Dukes was a light hearted and fun show. Though it lacked a contuining story line, it made up for it through it's wonderful cast and well woven story lines. Dukes is still around for a reason. It will be around for a long time. John Schendier didn't hurt either. The General Lee is one of the best cars ever to be on the televison screen. This show was family friendly and amazing. The critics hated it which means it has to be really good. It was about how the Duke family got into and out of trouble. They never had any trouble espically with Boss Hogg always around.
    This show is a classic and part of Amercain culture. I think everyone should get the chance to see this awesome show!
  • The Dukes of Hazzard is Set in a Small Town of Hazzard in the Deep South, Its 3 cousins living with there uncle and Fighting Corruption around Hazzard, and making it a Good place to live for all people, its a Testament to how good people can make a Differ

    Well I think the Dukes of Hazzard shows how people Down South are, just good ol' folks trying to scrape by, and live life to the Fullest. I think The Dukes is a Testment to all Yankees up north that Life down south is Great for people who love Good home Cooking and Good People and How who arent Offended by the Confederate Flag. I think the General Lee is the most Awesome Car, It is a true testament to southern Pride and Heritage. The whole show is a Testament to Southern Pride and life down home,Bottom line Dukes rule!
  • Made Friday Nights Even Better!

    I really enjoyed this show as a kid and love watching the reruns on TV. A great way to kick off the weekend was to watch this every Friday night. I have also loved car chases and crashes and this show had it all. When I was growing up I also wanted my very own General Lee so I could climb in and out of the car through the windows.
  • I love Dukes of Hazzard

    I have recently bought the first season DVD collection and have been going back and watching all of the episodes to get me ready for the new movie. Therefore I love this TV show and can't wait for the movie. This is what I think about The Dukes of Hazzard.
  • The Dukes was the most influential show with respect to my driving skills.

    I grew up in Upstate NY. Close to Pennsylvania. Catskill mountains! 2 hours north of the Big Apple.

    We had dirt and unevenly paved back roads galore. And we had local constables who a number of my friends, including myself, attempted to out-run.

    I owned a black Chevy S-10 Pickup, and I called her Betsy, but I drove her like the General!

  • This show served up down home country flavor, but at lightning speed. Not meant to be high brow, It did it's job by simply being a whole lotta FUN!

    Yes, I was one of the many little African American boys who religiously tuned in to see the General Lee flying through the skies! We didn't know that it was politically incorrect; all we knew was that the Dukes were our heroes, Boss Hogg was a fat little bastard, and Daisy had something to make every little boy wish he was a man!

    Folks shouldn't forget the episodes featuring Sheriff Little from Chickasaw County, the huge black law enforcement guy that scared the heck out of Boss Hogg.

    Also, it would be a big shame to neglect Uncle Jesse, one of the greatest single-fathers around. He let the boys and Daisy have fun, but he also taught them the value of family and doing the right thing.

    It would be hard to imagine the Dukes' free-wheeling consumption of gasoline at today's prices, but it's no secret that a show like this is designed for pure fun, not political correctness.

    Roscoe P. Coltrane- I met him as a 9 year old at the mall, and my life will never be the same. Enos, Cletus, LuLu, Cooter, and even Coy & Vance -well they all made Hazard County a great place to visit.

    I'll be comin back soon, y'heah?
  • What 80s Film and TV was all about

    This wasn\'t an intelligent show, I don\'t think it ever tried to be, there were multitudes of Southern stereotypes, all the stunts seemed the same, and even the episodes almost seemed like repeats of earlier stories, but at the show\'s core was nothing but heart.
    It was about people having a good time and enjoying themselves, both on screen and off, there was no fear, there was just joy and good natured humour, attitudes which now seem lost due to the world\'s fascination of technology over simplicity, long live the fun memories of The Duke family adventures
  • The Dukes of Hazzard followed the crazy law-defying lives of the Duke Brothers, Bo and Luke. The pair is forever trying to escape the clutches of the local law enforcement, Boss Hog, and Rosco P Coltrane...

    The Dukes of Hazzard was always a family favorite as I was growing up. I remember every Friday night, we would walk to the store, and buy a treat, for 'Friday night treat night', and then we would all gather around the TV, to watch The Dukes of Hazzard. If you sat down to watch it now, having never seen it before, you may find it to be corny. (which it was, but in a good way) Even rewatching it now, I can appreciate the silliness of the show, but I still love it! The Dukes of Hazzard, is one of the most fun to watch shows I can remember. It has everything, from high speed car chases, to barroom brawls, to good old-fashioned country fun. The acting was cheesy at best, but it added to the charm of the show. The show, however cheesy it may have been, managed to last 7 seasons, which is a lot more, than most shows these days. I want to conclude by pleading that no one judge this show, if they have only seen the movie. The movie, (though I have not seen it, and probably never will), looks absolutely nothing like the original show. It is, at best, a glitzy Hollywood account of a totally non-glitzy show.
  • If anyone actually reads these things, I'm going to be in alot of trouble. I just wanted to comment on the episode where Bo and Luke return to the show.

    I'd just like to say that getting Bo and Luke back on the show was a good thing, however the writing didn't seem to improve. In the episode "Welcome back, Bo 'n' Luke" the original Duke boys show up in a yellow Mustang. It is later revealed that Coy and Vance have to leave in order to help out Aunt Bessie. (Trust me, I am going somewhere with this.) During the "changing of the guard" scene where Luke and Vance swap car keys, Vance hands the Mustang keys to Coy and says "Here ya go, Byron." Ha! See what I did there? I used a review to submit a piece of trivia. I had to do that because I'm only a level one member and you have to be at least level two in order to post trivia, but anyone can write a review. So, I give "Welcome back Bo 'n' Luke" a four. It was okay, not terrible, not great.
  • Look at this AWESOME remake of the opening credits !!

    Done entirely with GTA V
  • I watch Dukes of Hazzard film on the Warner Brothers studio lot aleast once a week for a year. I really enjoyed watching John and Tom work together. I laughed most of the time at the craziness that was going on and loved watching the entire cast at work.

    Watching the Dukes of Hazzard film was a once in a lifetime chance and I had the opportunity to do so for almost a year. I was invited to watch the show Enos being filmed as well and loved spending time on that show. And I had a great time going to lunch and chatting with the trainer of Flash. Sometimes I wonder what he's doing and how his life has changed over the years. My life has surely changed since the Dukes. I went from a groupie to a housewife married to an Army Sgt. with four kids. I miss the good old days but wouldn't trade my life now for all the tea in China.
  • The best show ever so lets sit down and have a high flyin go time with the Dasiy Duke

    Wow this show is great, cars flying all over the place, cops running in to other cars, cars going in to the pond, Boss Hog trying to get the Duke farm, Dasiy looking great. This show is a family show so its great for the kids and lots of fun for the parents to see. You can get the shows on DVD and watch them all of the time. However if your some city person that hates good ol boys than your not going to like this show that much. All in all its a great show so try to see it at least one time!. The story line for the shows are great, each one is about 45 mins long, Its a great way to laugh your head off. I watch this show every day of the week.
  • Family show about corruption in politics and boys fighting the system.

    The Dukes Bo (John Schneider), Luke (Tom Wopat), Daisy (Catharine Bach) and Uncle Jessie (Denver Pyle) root out evil in a small town called Hazzard (said to be in Georgia). Most of the evil is by Boss Hogg (Sorrel Brooke) and Roscoe (James Best) (the local commissioner and the local sheriff). Bo and Luke and Daisy are cousins. Bo and Luke are the main ones the fight Boss and Roscoe. They are former moonshine drivers who are now on probation. Boss Hogg tries to charge them with everything from stealing his watch to illegal slot machines. But most of the time he just gets them in one of Roscoe's speed traps. The Dukes have a car General Lee (a '69 Dodge Charger that they painted orange, had a 01 on it, and a Dixie horn) It is their racing car, driving car, and can do everything from drive 120 miles per hour to fly over lakes, buildings and the like to get away from Roscoe. The other main people are Deputy Enos Straight (Sonny Shroyer) (who loves Daisy and is the only honest lawman in Hazzard County and according to the first episode the only Virgin); Enos was replaced by Boss's distant cousin Cletus when he went to be on the TV show 'Enos' for the 3 and 4th seasons. Crazy Cooter (Ben Jones, former congressman from Georgia) (the local mechanic who can fix anything that burns gas and tires). This is a must see TV show for anyone who loves excitement and family values.
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