The Dukes of Hazzard

CBS (ended 1985)


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  • Great country show. Great comedy, great action/adventure. Gotta love every one of the Dukes, and folks in Hazzard County.

    The "Dukes of Hazzard" centers around three cousins: Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke who live with their Uncle Jesse Duke. They live in Hazzard County, Georgia, (the show took place in Conyers, but is referred to as Hazzard in the show) which is ran by goons. The county commissioner is J.D. [Jefferson Davis] Hogg. His sheriff is Rosco P. Coltrane, who's older sister, Lulu, is Boss's wife. These are the more "evil forces" in Hazzard. These two are always wanting to throw the Duke boys (Bo and Luke, who are on probation) in jail, no matter what, and take over their uncle's farm.

    The two deputies, that take turns with stints on the show, (they had one run where both of them were on the show at the same time with their own cop cars, etc.) are the nicer ones who don't agree with Hogg's quest to get the Duke boys in jail and take over the farm. Those two are Enos Strait, who gets the first term, and then Boss's cousin, Cletus Hogg. He had one appearance in Season 1 when he wasn't the deputy. The reason why the Dukes can take advantage of these two deputies is they all have crushes on Daisy Duke - played by Cathering Bach - who is still pretty good-looking even though she is over 50 years of age today. And I don't blame them.

    So the show had a good run in it's seven seasons, and the movies were decent, except the Dukes of Hazzard Movie starring Jessica Simpson. None of the characters resembled who they were playing at all. Schneider as Bo, Wopat as Luke, Bach as Daisy, that's how it should be. And then in Season 5 when the Dukes left and were replaced by other cousins, Coy and Vance, who were supposedly supposed to look like them, the show got worse. The writers finally realized that and brought the original Dukes back, but Season 6 and 7 lacked due to fewer car crashes, which we saw plenty of in Seasons 2-4. I loved those.

    Great memories. Too bad they don't show the Dukes on television as of I know of right now.