The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 1 Episode 12

Route 7-11

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 04, 1979 on CBS
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Bo and Luke need money to fix the General Lee in time for a race. To earn the money, they take jobs as truck drivers transporting shock absorbers. But, they soon discover that they're really driving a casino on wheels.

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  • The Duke boys take a job driving an 18-wheeler, only to discover they're hauling an illegal mobile casino. When an old family friend is swindled by the crooked casino, they set about putting it out of action. Fair, but never fully finds it's footing...moreless

    This review contains spoilers.

    'Route 7-11'... another fairly decent 'Hazzard' episode, although it is one of several examples from the latter end of the season that feels to be "in-between" – in that it comes after the wonderful first five episodes filmed in Georgia, but before the more rounded, even-footed feel that would start to appear as the show returned for a second season.

    Don't get me wrong, '7-11' is a perfectly watchable 'Dukes' episode (and, as I say on just about all of these episodes, much more varied and believable than so many of the late episodes), but at the same time, this episode never seemed to fully find it's footing in my view, and even by 'Hazzard's often lightweight stories, much of this plot just doesn't feel fine tuned enough to even make much sense in places.

    As I added to the notes here on (back when it was still TVTome) many years ago, the whole "mobile casino" notion has been reworked in many action-adventure series both before and after this. Growing up, I was familiar with the third season 'A-Team' episode 'Road Games' which features a similar plot, and other popular shows such as 'Starsky & Hutch', 'T.J. Hooker' and possibly even 'The Incredible Hulk' (unless my memory is playing tricks) all had episodes with variations of the basic premise to fit the respective series.

    The head of the crooked gambling racket, Helen Hogan, is played by Jo Ann Pflug, a regular 1970s/80s TV guest performer, who some may recognise for playing "Big Jack" in the first season of 'The Fall Guy'. Here, she comes across as a credible adversary, and – as I say about so many of these early opponents that the Dukes encounter – it's maybe a shame that the character never made a return appearance.

    For the overall plot, this story isn't that bad (again, at this stage things were much more varied than the rather formulaic scripts later on), but it does sag in places. For example, the dragged out sequence of both Rosco and Luke sneaking around in the half-light in the back of the truck, serves as little other than filling out the runtime. (By the way, for the sharper eyed regular viewer, this episode contains some little seen angles of the town square; in fact, the set doesn't actually look to be fully constructed at the time this episode was filmed, as there are large nondescript sections that just look like a car park).

    Thankfully, the action does pick up a bit later on, as – with Jesse, accompanied by Daisy, is in the back of the truck posing as a naïve gambler – Bo and Luke set their plan in motion. Sadly, just what they're doing isn't that clear; Luke exits the truck's passenger seat into the General Lee (driven by Cooter) while both vehicles are moving, but when the Balladeer comments that doesn't know what they're up to, neither do us viewers! It seems to be little more than giving Rosco and Enos the run-around, in which case, one wonders why either Cooter or Daisy (who didn't really have to be with Jesse) couldn't fill this position.

    Likewise, for those (such as myself) not all that familiar with poker, just how Jesse manages to outwit the crooked poker table is never made clear enough for the average viewer to really get behind.

    Unusually, Boss Hogg takes a backseat for most of this story (reverting to the type of story role he held in the first couple of episodes). I like that the Dukes don't always directly go up against one of Boss's dastardly plots, as I feel that too many of those sorts of stories can get a bit repetitive, but even so, it's uncommon that Boss doesn't have some kind of "angle" on the proceedings here, other than a rather half-hearted desire to get his hands on all of the gambling equipment.

    In all, far from an out-and-out *terrible* episode, but this one just doesn't feel to be as sharp or as thought out as it should be, leaving it ultimately feeling a bit disappointing by first season standards. It is certainly one of my lesser favourites from the original season. For it's few decent action moments and "fresh" first season feel, I give 'Route 7-11' a slightly generous 8 out of 10, but this one feels like it could / should have been much better, maybe even a classic.moreless
  • The boys need money to fix their car so they get truck driving jobs. Only problem is their employer is a crook, and Boss want's in, only he has to get Rosco to figure out what going on so he can cook up a plan.moreless

    This has got to be one of the few episodes you see Cooter discussing with the boys how much it's gonna cost to fix the General Lee. Well, $180 for the boys is a lot of money.

    They take jobs driving a big-rig, only they don't know an undercover gambling casino is run outta the back of the rig. And they find out one of Jessies old friends is took for all his money by the crooked casino.

    Bo and Luke help by gettin Jessy and Daisy to pose as big spenders and infiltrate the casino after the boys un-rigged the gambling equipment to play fair and square. Good thing Jessy as well as making moonshine is an old ace at gambling.

    Chick factor is high in this episode. Daisy is rather hot in her red dress and the "house cheater" playing against Jessy is pretty cute too.

    Jessy ends up winning a lot of dough, probably over $3000. After they give back Dewey Stovall's $1200 and probably give Cooter the $180 to fix General Lee they must still have plenty of money left, and we don't hear them talk about donating it to any charity as we usually do.

    Last but not least Boss's plans all botch because Jessy wins all the money, and he also called ahead to the Federal authorities about the illegal gambling equipment, so Boss ends up with nothing.moreless
Denver Pyle

Denver Pyle

Uncle Jesse Duke

John Schneider

John Schneider

Bo Duke

Tom Wopat

Tom Wopat

Luke Duke

Catherine Bach

Catherine Bach

Daisy Duke

James Best

James Best

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltraine

Sorrell Booke

Sorrell Booke

Jefferson Davis (J.D.)Hogg

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  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Near the end of the episode, as the General Lee races up for Bo to throw the purse full of money through the window, the shot is flipped backwards – the '01' on the door can be seen to be back-to-front.

    • When Luke, accompanied by Bo, gives Helen a demonstration of his truck driving skills, when they get in the truck is parked up in the town square. As they take off, suddenly they are down a narrow back-road surrounded by trailers. As the driving demonstration finishes and they get out, they are suddenly back in the town square again.

    • When Cooter is putting the General Lee through its paces at the very start of the story, when he pulls up outside his garage, (the double for) Cooter can be seen to be wearing a light blue shirt. But as the shot cuts to the interior of the car, Cooter is actually wearing a grey shirt with cut-off sleeves.

    • In the close ups of Uncle Jesse doing card stunts, the arms used in these shots actually belong to John Schneider (Bo), an accomplished card performer.

    • When Luke was driving the big-rig backwards, it somehow caused water tracks left by another vehicle to dry up as he drove over them (of course, in reality, these were marks left by him and the film was played in reverse).

    • While Morgan (Teddy Wilson) was asking if the boys could tell time, his arms went from folded in front of him in the forward shots to at his side with his hands in his pockets in the shots from behind.

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    • The A-Team's 3rd season episode Road Games (1985) has some noticeable similarities with this episode. In that story, when the A-Team are hired to close down a crooked gambling racket, the organisers move the casino into the back of an 18-wheeled truck. Other shows, including Starsky & Hutch (the third season episode The Action) and T.J. Hooker also feature episodes with noticably similar plots.


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