The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 6

The Ghost of General Lee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1979 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The General Lee is stolen by two pool hustlers who drive it into the pond while being chased by Rosco. Unaware that it wasn't Bo and Luke driving it, he thinks Bo and Luke drowned. Boss Hogg schemes to claim they stole his genuine gold watch and chain and when Bo and Luke hear of this, they figure the only way to prove their innocence is to haunt Boss and Rosco by making the General Lee look like a ghost.moreless

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  • In this episode, Rosco chases the General Lee, thinking that it is Bo & Luke in the car. However, it is actually two pool sharks who stole the General Lee. The General Lee goes in the lake and Rosco thinks the Duke boys drowned.moreless

    I loved this episode because this shows a serious side of Rosco. Rosco is my favorite character on the show and is normally is funny self, but when the General Lee goes into the lake and he and Enos think that the Duke boss drown, this is a very moving scene. Enos asks Rosco to come help him dive under water to try to save the Duke boys. Rosco replies that he can't swim. This scene was so powerful and really made me think about the dangers of a person begin unable to swim. Of course, Boss Hogg uses the Duke boys supposed deaths to his advantage and claim they stole a valuable watch of his which he tries to collect insurance on. All and all, this is a great episode.moreless
  • Great episode.

    This is probably one of the greatest episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard I've seen. So here is the episode summary, that I think, is a very great plot:

    While Bo and Luke are skinny-dipping, (YUCK) the General Lee is stolen by a couple of crooks who just got tossed out of another county. When Bo and Luke realize it, they are caught naked without a ride home.

    While the crooks have control of the General Lee, Rosco starts chasing them, thinking they are the Dukes. Rosco chases the crooks into the lake. The General doesn't come up. The crooks don't come up, or at least Rosco doesn't see them come up. He thinks the real Dukes drowned in the lake. Poor Rosco. We saw the generous side of Rosco in this episode. And though we know he was a heart, it is shown a lot here as Rosco gets very depressed when he thinks he forced the Dukes into death. But then JD comes up with the excuse that Rosco was just doing his job because the Dukes had supposedly stolen a watch worth thousands that belonged to him. Yeah right.

    When Bo and Luke are told that story, they are furious, and plan to play a little joke on JD and Rosco. They get under the General, have Luke working the pedals, and Bo steering, and speaking through a radio to make it look like the General Lee is driving on its own. Radical.

    This is of course a series classic. No offense, but if you say this isn't a great episode, then I'll bop you! :Dmoreless
  • Bo and Luke are thought to be dead. When ran off in the lake. UGH!

    This is my favorite episode of season 2. It shows how much Uncle Jesse, Daisy and Cooter all loved Bo and Luke. Bo and Luke have the general Lee stolen. It is run off the road into a lake, when they are being chased by Roscoe and Enos. Roscoe and Enos naturally think they died. He goes to the Boar's Nest and tells Uncle Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter. When they are believed to be dead Cooter says 'It can't be true'. Boss Hogg accuses them of stealing his watch. And they come back as Ghosts to scare Roscoe. Then they capture the real crooks after they steel Boss Hogg's safe so they can prove they are not guilty. It is a very sad episode if you don't watch all of it. It is worth it to see Boss Hogg get what he deserves.moreless
  • Bo and Luke Duke dead?

    After running around from Rosco, Bo and Luke decide to go skinny dipping. Then some crooks steal the General Lee with Bo and Luke's clothes in it. As the General is going down the road Rosco and Enos chase after it until it goes into the pond. Enos jumps in the water to try and find them and Rosco calls for an ambulance. When Enos comes out of the water he's carrying Bo and Luke's clothes. Boss and Rosco go to the Boar's Nest and tells Uncle Jesse, Daisy, and Cooter that Bo and Luke have died. Bo and Luke steal some clothes off of a scarecrow and get shot at in the process. When they get home they see a lot of cars and when they peek in the windows of the house they seem to think that someone has died. Uncle Jesse comes out of the house and sees the boys and then he quickly moves them into the barn so nobody can see them. Bo and Luke explain what happened to them and then Uncle Jesse tells Bo and Luke that Boss was trying to make everyone believe that they stole his gold watch. Daisy and Cooter come out and Daisy faints when she sees Bo and Luke alive and Cooter almost fainted. Cooter takes the boys into town so they can try to clear themselves. Then they come up with an idea to scare Boss and Rosco. They paint the General with some luminous paint that made the General Lee glow in the dark. They made Enos, Boss, and Rosco think that the ghosts of Bo and Luke have to come to settle a score with them. Then the crooks that stole the General Lee in the first place go to the Boar's Nest and steal Boss's safe which has his gold watch in it. Bo and Luke chase after them and catch them and then they get arrested. And after all this Bo and Luke go skinny dipping again. Don't you think those two will ever learn?

    This was a really good episode. It's my favorite from Season 2. You can see how everybody is torn when they hear that Bo and Luke have died. It's just so sad.moreless
  • Good episode...

    This is probably the best episode of the Dukes in season 2. The general is stolen and driven into a pond and Roscoe thinks the boys are dead. he tells everybody and they have a funeral. But of course they aren't really dead. I like seeing the look on Boss hoggs face when he hears the Dukes are dead and to see Roscoe cry like that is just histerical. but it is sad all at the same time That is why I labeled this episode a tearjerker not because Bo and Like died because they didn't it is just sad seeing everyone else reacting to their death. Later...moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (10)

    • Luke: Who said there ain't no such thing as reincarnation?
      Bo: The Duke boys is comin' back to life!

    • Boss Hogg: Rosco, I should've known you'd be goldbrickin' while I'm out chasin' a driverless car all the way to tarnation and back!
      Rosco: You seen it?! You seen it, too?! The ghost of General Lee?! Come back.
      Boss Hogg: Course I seen it. And that car was no ghost. Them Duke boys may be dead, but the car ain't, because cars don't die.
      Rosco: Batteries do, Boss. Uh, why not cars?

    • Rosco (showing Enos the "ghost" of the General Lee): What do you call that?
      Enos: That's a ghost, Sheriff.
      Rosco: No, there ain't no such things as ghosts.
      Enos: That is until one comes along.

    • Boss Hogg: (to Rosco) This here watch is the oldest antique in Hazzard county. 'Cepting your fat sister Lulu.

    • Luke: A man ain't truly been insulted till he's stood buck naked infront of a woman and she didn't even notice.
      Bo: (disbelievingly): Nor care.

    • Luke: Well, I guess that about puts the frostin' on the cake.
      Bo: Well, you just let this whole thing be a lesson to me...
      Luke: How's that?
      Bo: I didn't leave the keys in this dang General Lee, none of the mess would'a happened.
      Luke: You can say that again.
      Bo: If I didn't leave the keys in this dang General Lee, none.......

    • Enos : Like them spook talkin' mediums sheriff, General Lee's one of them spook talking mediums.

    • Balladeer: Ain't it amazing all the help Bo and Luke have when it comes to getting into trouble?

    • Luke: You think I can fool Rosco with my Enos imitation?
      Bo: $5 says you can't.
      Luke: You're on!

    • Bo: Dang it, Rosco! Can't he just leave us alone? Don't he know we're just testing out a new Camshaft?
      Luke: Unless you want that Camshaft in the front seat with you, you better get her out of second gear.
      Bo: Cute

  • NOTES (4)

    • This is the only time we see a push button telephone at The Boars Nest when Daisy was calling Enos for help. The rest of the series we see rotary dial telephones.

    • In this episode we learn that Roscoe can't swim when he informs Enos of this after Enos dives underwater, and he finds Bo's shirt and Luke's pants, to try and "rescue" the Dukes whom they think are trapped inside the General Lee.

    • Norman Alden reprises his role as Chief Lacey from the 1st season episode Deputy Dukes.

    • This story ranks amongst many fans favorite episodes from the entire series' run. John Schneider (Bo) also regards it as his favorite episode.


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