The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 6

The Ghost of General Lee

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 26, 1979 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Luke: Who said there ain't no such thing as reincarnation?
      Bo: The Duke boys is comin' back to life!

    • Boss Hogg: Rosco, I should've known you'd be goldbrickin' while I'm out chasin' a driverless car all the way to tarnation and back!
      Rosco: You seen it?! You seen it, too?! The ghost of General Lee?! Come back.
      Boss Hogg: Course I seen it. And that car was no ghost. Them Duke boys may be dead, but the car ain't, because cars don't die.
      Rosco: Batteries do, Boss. Uh, why not cars?

    • Rosco (showing Enos the "ghost" of the General Lee): What do you call that?
      Enos: That's a ghost, Sheriff.
      Rosco: No, there ain't no such things as ghosts.
      Enos: That is until one comes along.

    • Boss Hogg: (to Rosco) This here watch is the oldest antique in Hazzard county. 'Cepting your fat sister Lulu.

    • Luke: A man ain't truly been insulted till he's stood buck naked infront of a woman and she didn't even notice.
      Bo: (disbelievingly): Nor care.

    • Luke: Well, I guess that about puts the frostin' on the cake.
      Bo: Well, you just let this whole thing be a lesson to me...
      Luke: How's that?
      Bo: I didn't leave the keys in this dang General Lee, none of the mess would'a happened.
      Luke: You can say that again.
      Bo: If I didn't leave the keys in this dang General Lee, none.......

    • Enos : Like them spook talkin' mediums sheriff, General Lee's one of them spook talking mediums.

    • Balladeer: Ain't it amazing all the help Bo and Luke have when it comes to getting into trouble?

    • Luke: You think I can fool Rosco with my Enos imitation?
      Bo: $5 says you can't.
      Luke: You're on!

    • Bo: Dang it, Rosco! Can't he just leave us alone? Don't he know we're just testing out a new Camshaft?
      Luke: Unless you want that Camshaft in the front seat with you, you better get her out of second gear.
      Bo: Cute

  • Notes

    • This is the only time we see a push button telephone at The Boars Nest when Daisy was calling Enos for help. The rest of the series we see rotary dial telephones.

    • In this episode we learn that Roscoe can't swim when he informs Enos of this after Enos dives underwater, and he finds Bo's shirt and Luke's pants, to try and "rescue" the Dukes whom they think are trapped inside the General Lee.

    • Norman Alden reprises his role as Chief Lacey from the 1st season episode Deputy Dukes.

    • This story ranks amongst many fans favorite episodes from the entire series' run. John Schneider (Bo) also regards it as his favorite episode.

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