The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 5 Episode 1

The New Dukes

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1982 on CBS

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  • This is what downed the Dukes

    When John Schneider & Tom Wopat left
    The creators thought the General Lee was the star
    But audiences proved the creators they were wrong
    Coy & Vance and the actors that played them
    Though they mean well, ruined the Dukes
    And the ratings fell down in a heartbeat
    As the producers tried to bring back John & Tom asap and they reached a settlement
    But despite die-hard fans loving Bo & Luke back
    It was never the same
    As the Dukes can thank this episode for ruining the once might hit!
  • Coy and Vance gave it a try even though people seemed to be against them from the start.

    Bo and Luke leave the show to go race for Nascar and Coy and Vance step in. Tom, and John and WB did this and it is not fair for the fans to take it out on Coy and Vance. Despite Bo and Luke not being there there were quite a few good stories in the Coy and Vance era of the 5th season. I agree you cannot replace original characters of that nature and not have an impact but everything worked out and the show went on for a couple more years. The show would have went down any way because all stories get old.
  • New Dukes...

    As every one knows for season 5 John Schneider and Tom Wopat left the show I'm not really sure why because I have heard different stories But then the y brought in Christopher Mayer to play Vance duke and Byron Cherry to play Coy duke. This didn't go over well with the fans and I don't blame them. I didn't seem to mind them but Bo and Luke were better and I didn't like how they tried to make the new guys look like Bo and Luke. I have the season 5 DVD set and it is alright not every episode is bad. The best part of this entire episode is when they brought Enos back. Later...
  • The beginning of of the era Dukes fans hate.

    The beginning of of the era Dukes fans hate. Coy and Vance are now on the show. This episode was not too bad in my opinion. Bo and Luke leave for the Nascar episode. Daisy speaks for all Duke fan. Boss Hogg acts like they are better than Bo and Luke, but they aint.
  • Bo and Luke leave for the Nascar circuit and are replaced by other cousins Coy and Vance.

    I actually liked this episode. I\'m one of the few Dukes fans who liked Coy and Vance. Ok so they arent the best actors in the world but I thought Byron Cherry and Christopher Mayer did a good job of being Dukes. Granted, they aren\'t Bo and Luke but thats part of the fun of the episode. Coy and Vance provide a good change for the series. I mean dont get me wrong, I love Bo and Luke but Coy and Vance were a good addition (even if it was temporary). Ive heard the argument \"but they arent Bo and Luke\" used to provide a reason for alot of people disliking Coy and Vance. Isn\'t that the idea though?
    Enos coming back was also great. The way Rosco and Cletus reacted was very funny and the dynamic between Enos and Cletus is hilarious (i wish they had kept them both on).
    Not a great story line for this episode though. It gets a bit boring after a while but I still liked it just for Coy/Vance/Enos.
    (By the way...just an observation I made...Vance is the exact double of Eric from the little mermaid)
  • The Coy and Vance Years, part 1.

    Coy & Vance take over for Bo & Luke, and lemme tell ya...they stink. This is not a slam against the actors themselves; I'm sure they did their best. But it just completely disrupts the chemistry, the unique dynamic that is the Dukes of Hazzard. You can't just pluck any two mooks off the street, stick 'em in blue jeans and flannel shirts, hand 'em an orange-colored hot rod and expect things to be the same, 'cause they aren't.

    Coy & Vance are not Bo & Luke; it's just that simple.
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