The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 8 Episode 1

The Reunion!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 1997 on CBS

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  • The Dukes are back!!!!

    I loved this movie. It was great to see the Duke boys along with Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Cooter, Enos, Cletus, and Rosco back after almost 20 years. When they're all together Uncle Jesse talks about Mama Max and her theme park that she wants to build over Hazzard Swamp. She sued Uncle Jesse for access to the swamp because to build it they have to go over his property, and he won't let them. In town Bo and his big mouth got them snookered into a race for the farm against the one car that ever whooped the General in an overland race. They go to get the General and it's a mess. Bo, Luke, and Cooter spend all night getting the General into shape. Enos finally proposes to Daisy after 30 years. When they're by the swamp she finds a new species of a fern, and Mama Max's boys sees her and they think that she has found what they were looking for. They kidnap Daisy and plan to hold her until Bo and Luke have lost the race and the lease is signed on that theme park. They come up with a plan to go and rescue Daisy in the middle of the race. While in captivity Daisy is still planning her wedding, which is set for the finish line of the race. During the race Bo and Luke go off the course and rescue Daisy and get back in the race. After passing the second checkpoint they see two of the same car that they're supposed to be racing. Turns out that one of the cars has been in the race with an illegal engine. The original driver wants to race the General just one last time fair and square. And so they do. The General went cross country and got to the finish line just a second before the other car. They explain everything to Rosco about Mama Max kidnapping Daisy to keep them out of the race. Then Rosco confesses something. He actually conned Mama Max. Finally, the wedding. Just as Daisy and Enos are about to get married Daisy's ex-husband who ran off shows up, and Daisy realizes that she can't get married. She doesn't want to get hurt again. She and Enos decide to get married when she's ready. This was a really good movie. It was sad because Sorrell Booke passed away a few years before they started to film this. Otherwise, this was a really good movie. It's great to see the cast back together again!!!!!:)