The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 14

The Runaway

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 1980 on CBS

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  • While testing the General Lee for the next race the boys are almost run off the road by two thugs escorting Suzy Holmes to a cruise ship. This trip she's gonna take is her fathers way of keeping her from marrying the "wrong" guy.

    Kinda a mediocre episode, Boss has a pretty weak plan to make money from oil wells he plans to claim as a reward for the safe return of a millionairs daughter. She wants to marry an average farm boy, and her father won't stand for it. So he pland a trip on a cruise ship for his daughter by herself to help clear her head, only on the way to the cruise ship they travel through hazzard and have car trouble. Suzy Holmes sneaks out and into the General Lee. The boys are blamed for kidnapping by Boss, the 2 thugs are in deep trouble if they don't get the girl back, and Boss figures CJ Holmes (the girls father) will pay huge bucks for the safe return of his daughter.

    Uncle Jessy is giving his usual right and wrong speeches in this episode. Enos has the day off but still goes fishing with his uniform on and his patrol car, which I don't understand one bit. Daisy washes her yellow car with the driver side window open, so the water must be pouring in, but I guess we're suposed to overlook all that.

    The only real turn of events in this one is rather big. While being chased by Rosco and Enos the Duke boys in Daisy's yellow car have a problem with a stuck accelerator pedal and they have to jump for it and the car crashes into a ball of fire at the bottom of a cliff. At the end of the episode CJ Holmes who see the error of his ways presents Daisy with a white jeep for all her trouble. Dixie the white jeep will be the vehicle she uses through out the rest of the series.

    Daisy does warn the boys when they borrow her car that she doesn't want one spec of dust on her car. Kinda hard IMO since hazzard is nothing but dirt roads. She also just claimed she waxed it, but all we see her doing is washing it, then she has to leave in a hurry.

    As usual Boss gets cheated outta what ever he thought he was gonna get and all works out for the dukes.
  • A really good Dukes of Hazzard episode.

    After watching "The Dukes of Hazzard" episode "The Runaway", I have to say that it has everything that I love about the series in it, car chases, Roscoe and Enos messing up and having Boss get mad at them, and of course, Bo and Luke getting accused of something and ultimately clearing themselves of wrongdoing.

    In this episode, we find the Dukes helping a runaway heiress hide from her father because of how he didn't want her to marry a man he deemed was unacceptable because of his agricultural background and agriculture education. The only downside I found from this aspect was how Uncle Jesse went on a soapbox to defend the hard work of farmers. Granted that I for one know already about how hard they work, coming from an agricultural background and family myself, it sounded like the writers wanted to sell to the viewers about the plus of being a hard working farmer.

    One thing that you see in the episode and can always count on, is Boss Hogg's greedy plans to help the girl's father, just to fatten his pocketbook, but thanks to Roscoe and Enos bungling the way that they always do and the Dukes helping the old man see that he was wrong in wanting to keep his daughter way from her fiancée. When everything worked out at the end, I thought that it was really cool of the girl's father to give Daisy a new vehicle, Dixie, for all the trouble he caused (and with how the Dukes were getting chased that caused her car to go off a cliff).

    In all, I found this to be one entertaining episode that has everything that I love about the show: Bo, Luke, Uncle Jesse, and Daisy outsmarting Boss Hogg.