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  • Season 1 Episode 13: Double Sting

  • After being caught by the bank robbers, Daisy takes off her high heels and tries to escape. As she is running through the woods, you can see some kind of shoes on her feet in one of the scenes, but later she has no shoes on.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Route 7-11

  • Near the end of the episode, as the General Lee races up for Bo to throw the purse full of money through the window, the shot is flipped backwards – the '01' on the door can be seen to be back-to-front.

  • When Luke, accompanied by Bo, gives Helen a demonstration of his truck driving skills, when they get in the truck is parked up in the town square. As they take off, suddenly they are down a narrow back-road surrounded by trailers. As the driving demonstration finishes and they get out, they are suddenly back in the town square again.

  • When Cooter is putting the General Lee through its paces at the very start of the story, when he pulls up outside his garage, (the double for) Cooter can be seen to be wearing a light blue shirt. But as the shot cuts to the interior of the car, Cooter is actually wearing a grey shirt with cut-off sleeves.

  • In the close ups of Uncle Jesse doing card stunts, the arms used in these shots actually belong to John Schneider (Bo), an accomplished card performer.

  • When Luke was driving the big-rig backwards, it somehow caused water tracks left by another vehicle to dry up as he drove over them (of course, in reality, these were marks left by him and the film was played in reverse).

  • While Morgan (Teddy Wilson) was asking if the boys could tell time, his arms went from folded in front of him in the forward shots to at his side with his hands in his pockets in the shots from behind.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Money to Burn

  • When Bo and Luke are in the hearse behind bushes watching Rosco and Enos outside the coffin works, although Luke's clothing is obscured by the bushes, Bo can be seen to be wearing his regular cream-colored shirt. Then when the shot changes to inside the hearse, the pair are suddenly wearing undertaker's suits, which they wear for the rest of the story.

  • A shot used on the opening teaser shows Luke and Bo, in Boss's coffin works, emerging from behind the false bottom in an (upright) coffin. Although the episode features the pair hiding in a coffin, it is lying down, and the scene in the teaser (possibly an alternate take of the same sequence) is not used in the actual episode.

  • Although there had been vague hints of it in previous episodes, this story marks the first time that Boss Hogg deliberately tries to frame the Dukes. This plot device would be reworked in many, many future stories.

  • During the opening chase where Enos is in pursuit of the General Lee, a shot from behind Enos, looking from the back of the car through the windshield, shows it quite clearly to be a double and not Sonny Shroyer; the double has much longer, untidier hair than Enos' well-groomed look.

  • Near the very start of the episode is a sequence where a Sheriff's car (driven by Enos) chases the General Lee around a patch of trees. This sequence would be used behind the closing credits on all episodes from the second season onwards (as well as occasionally appearing as stock footage in other episodes)

  • Near the end of the episode when "Uncle Jesse" is in the tractor causing a diversion, it is very obvious that its a stand-in/stunt double in the tractor.

  • Bo & Luke are climbing up the outside of the Coffin Works. Luke is on the roof and Bo is just about up when the rope breaks. When the commercial break ends, we see Luke make a heroic grab and save Bo from falling. When they are fleeing the roof, the rope has mysteriously reattached itself and is dangling back in its original location.

  • As Boss' hearse drivers scour the Coffin Company attic for a special coffin with a false bottom, the one attendant mentions how they are used to haul shine. He refers to the "AFT" - what he means is "ATF" - Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms.

  • Season 1 Episode 10: Deputy Dukes

  • The (external) sets of the Springville Court House and surrounding town streets are quite clearly the same ones used for Hazzard, lightly redressed – names on buildings have been changed and the streets muddied up, but the layout and design is clearly identical.

  • At the beginning of the story, when Bo and Luke are by the lake with the girls (who go on to rob them), the General Lee clearly has no roll cage (particularly clear in the shots when Luke and his girl are in the back of the General). When they take off, in the nude, after the girls and crash into Rosco's patrol car, the roll cage has suddenly returned.

  • On the opening teaser, Rosco (in his office) says "It seems that the boys have run into a... a little trouble", to which Uncle Jesse asks "Like what?". Although similar dialogue was used in the story, this version of the dialogue was not used in the actual episode.

  • For the first time "Possom on a gum bush" is used by Enos when he sees Bo & Luke in a squad car.

  • Luke mentions "Cripple Creek". Tom Wopat recorded a cover of the song "Up on Cripple Creek"

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