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  • Season 7 Episode 16: Enos and Daisy's Wedding

  • In many jurisdictions, spousal privilege would only cover what Enos would have TOLD Daisy after they were married, not what she SAW before they were married so in most cases Daisy marrying Enos would not change anything.

  • Season 7 Episode 12: Sky Bandits Over Hazzard

  • The ultralight aircraft in this episode was a JetWing trike. A JetWing trike also appeared in the first episode of "The Finder".

  • Season 7 Episode 11: Sittin' Dukes

  • This is the second time Luke's had someone "visit" him from the Marines

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Cale Yarborough Comes to ...

  • Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding in Saved by the Bell) who played Elmo, one of this episodes criminals, was also in the pilot episode of the Dukes. He is the man in the Boar's Nest who harrasses Daisy (who consequently stamps on his foot).

  • While Bo, Luke and Cale are tied up, the needle on the pressure meter rises slowly but as soon as they untie themselves and escape the needle suddenly jumps to the end of the scale so that the place explodes. The pressure would still have been building up steadily so why would the needle have jumped?

  • Season 7 Episode 8: Go West, Young Dukes

  • The Dukes - through their ancestors - could have stayed if they hadn't found the deed because of something called adverse possession; if someone occupies land for many years, etc., and the real owner makes no attempt to force them off, the occupant can claim title.

  • In the scene where the James boys rob the stagecoach, John Schneider's fake moustache nearly falls off and he has to quickly re-attach it.

  • How could Dixie be the Dukes' cousin? It's true she is never called "Dixie Duke" in the show, only "Dixie," so when she eventually had Daisy's grandfather or grandmother, then she could have changed her name when she got married. However, Sixie must only be related by marriage to a cousin we didn't meet in this episode, or she (I apologize to anyone living in the South) married a member of her own family. Or, she could have had a child out of wedlock, but somehow I think that she would have given it up for adoption.

  • We're supposed to believe that Frank and Jesse James were being outsourced to rob stagecoaches in the backwoods of Georgia? The James brothers crime sprees were mostly in the western and midwestern United States, and Hazzard is supposed to be located in the Deep South. This is a real stretch. Jesse James did rob a bank as far east as West Virginia once, and Kentucky a couple times. But, his furthest trip South was in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, in 1879, after Frank had seemingly settled down. Jesse and Frank were in Nashville for a time before Frank settled down, and Hazzard is just across the state line from Tennessee (as shown in "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding.") However, it's a real stretch to say the James Gang actually robbed a series of banks there.

  • Season 7 Episode 7: <b>Cool Hands, Luke & Bo</b>

  • When Sheriff Droopy Cathcart is leading Bo and Luke into Colonel Claiborne's office, he isn't wearing his hat. When the scene goes into Claiborne's office, Droopy is miraculously wearing his hat, like he had never taken it off.

  • Morgan Woodward, who plays Colonel Clayborne in this Cool Hand Luke themed episode, actually appeared in the original movie playing the sinister Boss Godfrey. Boss Godfrey was referred to as "the man with no eyes."

  • Season 7 Episode 5: No More Mr. Nice Guy

  • After Billie Jean, Stoney, and Zack tell Enos that they have Boss Hogg, and after Rosco leaves to go bring them the stolen merchandise, Bo and Luke come into town looking for Rosco and they talk to Enos. When all three of them leave to follow Rosco you see Luke get in the driver's seat. But when they pull over after they lose Rosco, Bo's in the driver's seat. But then when they take off again and find the car that Boss is in, Luke is driving again.

  • Season 7 Episode 1: Happy Birthday, General Lee

  • If this is 8 years in the past --the episode aired in 1984 -- the events took place in 1976. They say that Bo was fresh out of high school making him 18 and thus born in 1958. But John Schneider was in fact 19 when the show started in 1979; thus born in 1960. Bo's age is off by 2 years! Also, what is so special about 8 years? It would make sense to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the car. That would make it 1974. If Luke was in the Marines at that time, then he probably would have been deployed in the Vietnam War. Whereas by 1976, the Vietnam war was over.

  • This flashback features some ties to early episodes, such as Uncle Jesse's trilby hat (which he wore in some first season episodes), and Rosco's black Sheriff's jacket (which he wore in many first and some second and third season episodes). Of course, there are also some differences - it is the regular Hazzard set as opposed to the real Georgia town used to film the first five episodes, and Cooter is clean shaven, not the bearded wild man of early episodes.

  • The 01 on the General Lee is created by Bo saying "O represents when we had nothing and 1 is what we will be for now on"

  • In this episode we find out they have had the General for 8 years (1 year prior to the beginning of the show). We also find out that the original color was black and it was painted orange because that was the only color Cooter had.

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