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  • Season 1 Episode 2: Daisy's Song

  • There are several references to Waylon Jennings (The Balladeer) in this episode. When playing the bootleg recordings from Starr's Studio, Waylon Jennings is heard singing, and Daisy comments that she has all of his recordings. In the following scene, when Luke suggests sending Daisy in to trick Starr, Daisy jokes that she sounds more like Waylon Jennings than she does Jessi Colter! Other than the episode in which he finally appears in, the seventh season's "Welcome, Waylon Jennings", this is the only time Jennings is directly referenced in the series. There is also an in-joke near the beginning of the episode, when (the sound-alike of) Jessi Colter is heard on the radio. Jennings tells the viewer that that she's "...One of the world's best singers", though he's "...partial to June Carter" himself. Colter was Jennings's wife; June Carter was the wife of his good friend and frequent collaborator, Johnny Cash.

  • This episode marks one of the very few times in the entire series that Boss Hogg's Cadillac is seen with its roof up.

  • During the raid at Starr's record company, when the police car does a 180 turn in the road, check out the road surface - there are already skid marks from a previous take / practice run.

  • On the shot of the General Lee driving to Atlanta, when they pull up outside, and when Bo and Luke plan to confront Star again, the General Lee clearly has no roll bar (a set-up inside a race-car that adds extra support to the roof in the event the car rolls over and keeps the driver from being crushed). But when Daisy is sitting alone in the General waiting for her cousins, there's a roll bar clearly present.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: One Armed Bandits

  • Cooter utters his often used phrase "Shoot fire and save box matches" for the first time in this episode.

  • This episode holds the record for the number of times the General Lee's Dixie horn is be heard in a single episode - four times. It is heard once during the chase after the stolen Police car at the start of the story, twice in the scene in the junk yard, and once more as the car drives away in the last shot.

  • The guitar used in the opening introduction (not yet a shot of Waylon Jennings) was acoustic.

  • During the car chase near the end of the episode when Bo and Luke are driving round the town square, there is another General Lee parked in the street. It is visible almost in the middle of the screen.

  • The Untouchables once had an episode with the same title as this one--One Armed Bandits.

  • Hazzard County is said to be in Georgia, but there is no such county now or ever in Georgia. There is, however, a town in Kentucky named Hazard.

  • In the chase scene in the beginning, Cooter changes between 3 different police cars, first he has a Dodge Monaco with the confederate flag plate in the middle of the bumper, then he has a car just like but it has the plate on the passenger side of the bumper when he does the jump before the General Lee does it. And the he switches to a Dodge Polara, which has a smashed up rear quarter panel and a fenderbender in the front and then thats one car that he flips in the construction zone. A similar thing happens during the chase scene in the end. Rosco and Enos switch between the those 3 cars too.

  • At the junkyard, General Lee honks it's horn once, and starts a second time - when it stops after the first two notes! Later, after Bo and Luke are back in the car, the horn finishes the last 10 notes.

  • In the final chase with Sheriff Rosco chasing the Duke Boys, there are several continuity errors with the General Lee's windows, with there being none at all in some shots, other shots having the glass panels towards the back of the car, and a couple of (rare) shots of all of the windows wound up.

  • At the start of the story, when the Sheriff's car crashes, the General Lee skids to halt next to it, with the glass panels towards the back of the car, behind the doors, present. Next is a shot of Bo, then in the following shot the General is now slightly further back than where it stopped before, and the glass panels have suddenly disappeared.

  • On the long pan shot of the General Lee on the way to the Boar's Nest, look very carefully at the telegraph poles along the left side of the road - a man (possibly a member of the production crew) can be seen standing up against one of the poles, standing in the middle of nowhere.

  • At the surprise party for Sheriff Rosco at the end of the story, the banner can seen to have Rosco mis-spelt "Roscoe" with an 'e' on the end (a common error in Dukes literature). Presumably someone noticed this error, as on the close up, the 'e' is conveniently hidden by a balloon.

  • When Daisy says "Hey, again," to Rosco, the scene is during nighttime! Look at the shadow on the roof of the car.

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