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  • Season 3 Episode 7: Uncle Boss

  • Daisy's yellow car is seen in this episode again despite having been driven over a cliff in the previous season (The Runaway). This was because the episodes were aired in a different order to what was originally intended.

  • Season 3 Episode 6: The Late J.D. Hogg

  • This episode marks the first use of a plot that would become much reworked in the show, that of one of the main characters suffering severe personality change. It would be used for Bo later this season in "My Son, Bo Hogg", and for Luke in the fourth season's "Goodbye, General Lee" and season seven's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke", and Daisy in season six's 'Heiress Daisy Duke'. It is also used of sorts for Rosco in the sixth season's "Too Many Roscos", where Rosco's place is taken by an impostor. More specifically, the 'personality change' idea would be used for Boss Hogg a number more times, including season four's "Nothin' But the Truth", and in season seven's "No More Mr. Nice Guy". We also see Sorrell Booke play Abraham Lincoln Hogg, Boss's kind hearted identical brother, in "Baa, Baa White Sheep" a few episodes later in the third season.

  • Season 3 Episode 5: And in this Corner, Luke ...

  • During the final chase scene Luke is wearing his boxing robes however when the General Lee does a 180, Luke's sleeve of his blue shirt can be seen out of his side of the car. but in the very next scene he is wearing his boxing robes.

  • Season 3 Episode 4: The Hazzardville Horror

  • Morgan Brittany met her husband, Jack Gill while working on this episode.

  • Season 3 Episode 3: Enos Strate to the Top

  • When Daisy, Bo and Luke are run off the road about half way through the episode, the pick up truck flips and the roof completely caves in on one side (the side Bo is sitting at). How did they survive never mind not get hurt at all? There isnt even a scratch on them and Bo just climbs out the window.

  • Boss reveals that Cletus is his second cousin, twice removed.

  • In this episode Rosco refers to Flash as he. However, in later episodes, Flash is refered to as she and Bo often calls her girl. (This could be explained partly due to Rosco's stupidity)

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Carnival of Thrills (1)

  • This story was adapted for the classic children's "3D camera" toy ViewMaster. As second set, from the fourth season episode "Pin the Tale on the Dukes", was later released.

  • When Bo makes a practice leap using one of the carnival cars, he takes off in a Pontiac, but lands in a Dodge.

  • When Enos get knocked out at the junkyard when Bo, Luke, and Cooter are trying to get the General Lee back he is supposed to be unconcious and when Daisy is trying to wake him up you can see Enos's eye's snap open and then shut again.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Southern Comfurts

  • When the Dukes leave after helping out at the old lady's house, Bo's driving. When they arrive at the Boar's Nest, Luke is driving.

  • Season 2 Episode 22: R.I.P. Henry Flatt

  • When Bo, Luke, and Henry are talking in the cemetery about what Boss Hogg is planning on doing, you can see in the background that one of the graves says "Ira Murchinson" on it. That's the same grave that the Dukes saw in a previous episode Duke of Duke.

  • Season 2 Episode 21: Mason Dixon's Girls

  • The boys hide the "water heater" at Cooter's farm. How does Cooter have time to run a farm when he spends all day fixing either the General Lee or Rosco and Enos' patrol cars.

    Editor's note: Many who own farms only work them part time or as a hobby and have regular jobs. Such appears to be the case with Cooter here.

  • When they are all in jail watch as Tom Wopat sits down, you can see he smacks his head on the bar, judging by the look on Toms face it hurt aswell.

  • Season 2 Episode 18: <b>Find Loretta Lynn</b>

  • At the begining of this episode, Bo and Luke drive Daisy to the Boar's Nest in the General Lee. Later, they use her car to chase the tour bus. How did Daisy's car get there?

  • There is a funny situation in this episode where the kidnappers connected two police cars with a chain. In one shot the cable is connected below the bumper, and in the other shot the cable is connected to the bumper of what seems to be Enos' police car. It seems the cars bumper did not hold the chain more than 1 pull, like Rosco and Enos did. When you see the close up destroying the 2 cars, the chain is again on the bumper.

  • Season 2 Episode 17: Officer Daisy Duke

  • Daisy is fired by the Boss & Sheriff Byrd midway through the episode. However, even after she's fired, she still repeatedly talks about her duties as an officer. Wasn't she an ex-officer by that point, meaning that it's no longer her duty? Perhaps it is a responsibility as she's a Duke & the family has morals that often have them entangled in police affairs, but she's adamant that she catches them on her own.

    Enos finally gets some real respect & affection from Daisy in this episode while Daisy is a deputy.

  • One wonders why Daisy was given the $10,000.00 reward for capturing the escaped prisoners when she let them escape in the first place, needed help from almost everyone to recapture them, and it was Grady Byrd who originally apprehended them by himself no less. This was one episode where the "establishment" in Hazzard appeared to be more competent than the Dukes.

  • When the 2 crooks try to take of in the airplane with Daisy and the pilot, at the end of the episode. Bo and Luke manage to crash the plane. In the following shot you see the cockpit, but the pilot is gone and only 3 people exit the plane. Sheriff Grady Bird replaces Rosco in this episode and arrests 2 crooks, but not the pilot from the airplane. Where did he go ?

    Editor's note: Good catch. I noticed this myself.

  • Season 2 Episode 15: Follow that Still

  • When Rosco takes off after the Dukes, who are in Cooter / LB's pickup, he is wearing his blue Sheriff's shirt. However, when his car crashes off the road into the pond, he suddenly has his black Sheriff's jacket over his shirt - the footage was lifted from an earlier episode! When he returns to the Boar's Nest, the jacket is gone again!

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