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  • Season 2 Episode 15: Follow that Still

  • When the APC crashes into the side of the Boar's Nest at the conclusion of this episode, the interior is clearly a mock-up of Boss Hogg's back room - the room is much smaller than usual, and when Miller and Flint fall onto the wall, the wall moves, revealing it to be flimsy plywood.

  • This episode is notable for a role reversal with the Duke boys. Luke does most of the driving and Bo does the crazy stunts like diving from a moving car. One thing how did Bo learn to drive the APC?

  • At the end of this good episode, there is sadly one goof. When the brakes of the APC fail, luke says, "everybody bail out". In the following shot you can see that all 5 passengers jump out of the vehicle, but in the next shot you see the "empty" APC running, but someone is still throwing cigarettes out. Its a very short scene, but the APC had to be empty.

  • Season 2 Episode 14: The Runaway

  • In this episode, we learn through the telephone operator that the Dukes live 18 miles outside of Hazzard, a considerable distance considering in other episodes they seem to make it into town very quickly.

  • When Daisy's yellow car goes off the edge after Bo and Luke jump out you can see a stunt driver with a yellow helmet pop out of the back seat.

  • Enos is seen in this episode bass fishing on his day off but why is he wearing his uniform and using his patrol car on his day off?

    Editor's note: The car is understandable. In a subsequent episode we learn that Rosco drives his patrol car even when he's off duty. As for the uniform my guess is that the producers were cheap and trying to save money with the wardrobe.

  • This is the last episode for Daisy's yellow Plymouth Roadrunner/Satellite. Bo and Luke drive it over a cliff, explicitly disobeying Daisy's instructions not to put a speck of dust on it after she just washed it. At the end of the episode Daisy is given the white Jeep by a man who is grateful that the Dukes helped to protect her daughter. However, despite the car being destroyed in this episode, it returns in several following episodes, due to the episodes being broadcast in a considerably different order to which they were filmed. Several episodes also use the cars with different paint jobs, to serve as other cars within the context of stories.

  • Season 2 Episode 13: Duke of Duke

  • It's mentioned in this town that the Hazzard County seat is named Coryville. This is the only episode where that town is mentioned. In all the others, the county seat is the town of Hazzard where most of the action takes place.

  • Season 2 Episode 12: <b>Arrest Jesse Duke</b>

  • When Bo is tied up on the jeep of one of the car strippers they are arriving at a river and they have a close up shot of him halfway sitting down and then in a wide shot he is standing up.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: <b>Granny Annie</b>

  • When the boys leave Granny Annie's, Bo is driving. When they get to the Boar's Nest, Luke is driving.

  • Season 2 Episode 9: Witness for the Persecution

  • When Boss Hogg arrives at the Dukes farm Uncle Jessie puts the fruit bowl in the oven next to the pie. Surely this will bake the fruit. If he is hiding it from Boss Hogg why not put it up somewhere high were the fat little buddy wouldn't be able to reach it

    Editor's note: Maybe the oven wasn't turned on so there would be no worry about the fruit getting baked.

  • When the hitmen are in the Boars Nest posing as Bible salesmen why do they say they will catch Boss Hogg next time they are passing through your city. How long has Hazzard County been a city?

    Editor's note: Hazzard is the name of both the county and the town. A common occurrence.

  • When the boys are driving with Boss towards the tunnel, they get shot at twice. After the second shot Bo knocks his head on the steering wheel. I've seen it now where sometimes Luke asks him about it, and other times he doesn't. I'm guessing he didn't mean to hit his head and Tom and John just sort of carried on with the scene until it was edited out.

  • When Enos is chasing the Dukes you can see the back glass is busted out of the General to camera changed a couples of times and the winder is busted out.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: <b>Hazzard Connection</b>

  • Near the end when Luke takes the smasher car off the trailer to run the guys off the road, you can clearly see in the close up shots he is in the General Lee, not the car his is supposed to be driving.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: <b>Dukes Meet Cale Yarbor...

  • The racetrack where Cale is testing his car resembles the one which was featured in the season three episode Carnival of Thrills. However in that episode it is in Hazzard County but here it is over the state line.

  • When Rosco has his road block set up towards the end of this episode there is a deputy standing next to him. Who is this mystery deputy as Hazzard County only has two officers Rosco and Enos?

    Editor's note: In a couple of episodes it was mentioned that Hazzard County had an auxiliary force of deputies who could be called out if needed.

  • This is the episode which features the world record jump over the river which is seen in the credits from series two onwards. This shot actually originates from the first season finale "Double Sting", and would be recycled several times during the course of the series.

  • For freeze framers, there is a very obvious goof in the scene where the General Lee jumps Boss' convertible. Bo, Luke and Cale Yarborough are in the car when they begin the jump. But slow down the video as the car is making the jump, and there is very clearly just one person in the car (a man wearing a yellow helmet).

  • Season 2 Episode 6: The Ghost of General Lee

  • Goof: Boss refers to himself as J. P. Hogg when he talks to Rosco on the CB.

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