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  • Season 2 Episode 5: <b>Road Pirates</b>

  • The Duke boys decide to be inside each of two trucks to catch the pirates. Daisy distracts the truck drivers and the boys open up the doors and pull them closed from the inside with a length of rope. The latches on the outside were not closed, but when Luke's truck is taken to the abandoned farm, the crooks are shown opening the latches on the rear door!

  • When Bo, Luke and Cletus run from the courthouse, they get away in one of the patrol cars. Pay close attention to the lights, as it seems someone put the light bar on backwards because the red is on the passenger side and the blue on the driver side. (which is wrong) This wasn't a reversed shot, as the patrol car behind them is like that too and everything else is right. But when there driving, the lights are correct. (red on driver side and blue on passenger side)

  • Season 2 Episode 4: <b>The Meeting</b>

  • When Bo and Luke are running from the bad guys and they stop, Bo is on the right and Luke is on the left. However, when the camera zooms in, Bo is on the left and Luke is on the right.

  • This episode is the first time Rosco called himself "Rosco P. Coltrane", however it was mentioned by Boss Hogg in passing in The Days of Shine and Roses that Rosco's middle initial was "P". Despite this, Rosco is still billed as "Sheriff Rosco Coltrane" in the opening credits.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: The Rustlers

  • Dorothy Collier was James Best's girlfriend at the time this episode was filmed. She later became Mrs. Best.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: <b>Gold Fever</b>

  • When the Doc pulls up and the Dukes take his bus over, everyone jumps in the bus. The door on Daisy's car is open. When the bus pulls off after the bad guys, who closed the door?

  • Towards the end of the episode when the Dukes run the 3 con artists off the road with the RV and the crooks car flips, you can see the ramp in which they used to make it overturn.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Days of Shine and Roses

  • The guitar that Waylon Jennings used in the opening introduction was an electric for seasons 2-7. It also showed Waylon Jennings playing and didn't have a head shot.

  • Remember that Jesse was caught by the FBI - it's mentioned later that he gave his word never to make moonshine again (when he makes mouthwash instead rather than go back on his word.) It's possible that the films were part of the evidence used against caught by hidden camera, and eventually when not needed anymore they made their way eventually to where they were found here.

  • If those film clips of "Glory Days" ridgerunners were supposed to be real, who would have taken them, and how?

    Editor's note: The revenue agent present at the reunion stated that the ATF had taken the film clips.

  • In the scene where Luke moves the "Detour" sign, he returns to the General Lee. It is obvious that he closes the door when he gets in! (Of course, the General Lee's doors are supposedly welded shut).

  • When Boss Hogg and Jesse are lined up and ready to race you can see the shadow is clearly in front of the cars. When it switches to the scene to where the to guys change the water to the shine the shadow is behind the cars. Then when Boss Hogg and Jesse come back out to the cars the shadow is in front of the cars.

  • Season 1 Episode 13: Double Sting

  • After being caught by the bank robbers, Daisy takes off her high heels and tries to escape. As she is running through the woods, you can see some kind of shoes on her feet in one of the scenes, but later she has no shoes on.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Route 7-11

  • Near the end of the episode, as the General Lee races up for Bo to throw the purse full of money through the window, the shot is flipped backwards – the '01' on the door can be seen to be back-to-front.

  • When Luke, accompanied by Bo, gives Helen a demonstration of his truck driving skills, when they get in the truck is parked up in the town square. As they take off, suddenly they are down a narrow back-road surrounded by trailers. As the driving demonstration finishes and they get out, they are suddenly back in the town square again.

  • When Cooter is putting the General Lee through its paces at the very start of the story, when he pulls up outside his garage, (the double for) Cooter can be seen to be wearing a light blue shirt. But as the shot cuts to the interior of the car, Cooter is actually wearing a grey shirt with cut-off sleeves.

  • In the close ups of Uncle Jesse doing card stunts, the arms used in these shots actually belong to John Schneider (Bo), an accomplished card performer.

  • When Luke was driving the big-rig backwards, it somehow caused water tracks left by another vehicle to dry up as he drove over them (of course, in reality, these were marks left by him and the film was played in reverse).

  • While Morgan (Teddy Wilson) was asking if the boys could tell time, his arms went from folded in front of him in the forward shots to at his side with his hands in his pockets in the shots from behind.

  • Season 1 Episode 11: Money to Burn

  • When Bo and Luke are in the hearse behind bushes watching Rosco and Enos outside the coffin works, although Luke's clothing is obscured by the bushes, Bo can be seen to be wearing his regular cream-colored shirt. Then when the shot changes to inside the hearse, the pair are suddenly wearing undertaker's suits, which they wear for the rest of the story.

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