The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 4 Episode 10

Trouble at Cooter's

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1981 on CBS

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  • Another sunny day in Hazzard finds the boys driving along minding their own business when they come across a mink coat that fell outta the back of the "bad guys" van. Bo and Lukes good intentions to turn it in back fire as usual and trouble ensues.

    This is a fairly average episode in my opinion. A van full of stolen furs destine for Boss Hogg accidently runs into Cooters tow truck damaging the back end of the van. While driving away the van hits a pot hole in the road, the door swings open and one of the mink coats falls out. Bo and Luke find it and while trying to turn it in wind up getting blamed for the whole fur heist. Boss Hogg stiffs the “bad guy” for the price of one coat since the original deal called for 20 coats and now only 19 were delivered.

    The “bad guy” seeks revenge on Boss by wanting to steal all the coats back and re-sell them making two times the profit. The only problem is Boss has them stashed in an old general store next door to Cooters garage. This is where the “bad guys” girlfriend comes in. She must attract Cooters attentions to get him outta the garage so the “bad guy” can break through the wall in Cooters garage to get to those furs next door.

    It was interesting to see some more attention payed to Cooter in this episode than usual. For the Daisy fans you may be disappointed as she doesn’t have much of a part in this one. There was a few funny moments where while in Cooters garage Rosco and Cletus almost have a Laurel & Hardy kind of slap stick getting in each other’s way.

    I rated this one average as there was nothing overly funny about this one and it seemed a bit lack luster compared to others, no good moments when Boss is stuffing himself full of food. By the way when the “bad guys” we’re caught, the whole gang was there and Uncle Jessie made sure Boss gave back all the furs to the proper authorities.
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