The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 6 Episode 9

Twin Trouble

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 25, 1983 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Luke is about ready to be hit by the box notice he closes his eyes as if he was flinching twice. Even though he couldn't see the box.

  • Quotes

    • Bo: Say, Luke, I'm sorry about this whole mess.
      Luke: I am too.
      Bo: Maybe it'll teach you a lesson. Next time I tell you something, you'll believe me.

    • Rosco: Where were you on the morning of August the 4th?
      Cindy: I'm not saying anything until I get a lawyer.
      Rosco: All right, where was your lawyer on the night of August the 3rd?

    • Luke: One of us is wrong but I'm sure it ain't me.
      Uncle Jesse: Well Bo's sure it ain't him either.

    • Balladeer: Look out Luke, usually when a woman tells you everything you want to hear, they're either in love, or they're in trouble.

    • Daisy: I tell you, Uncle Jesse, soon we're going to have to get a referee.

    • Daisy: (to Luke) I never thought I'd see the day that you two couldn't trust each other anymore.

    • Bo: Pull over.
      Luke: Pull it over.
      Bo: Hey, this is the last time we gonna warn you, now pull that car over.
      Luke: Are you okay.
      Sandy: Yeah we're okay.
      Bo: You sure had me fooled, didn't you, Cindy?
      Sandy: I'm Sandy, that's Cindy.

    • Bo:Another couple of feet and I wound've lost you for sure.
      Luke: Bo, they're twins.
      Bo: What?
      Luke: That's how they can be in two places at one time. There's two of them.
      Bo: You mean we were both right?.
      Luke: There they are.
      Bo: Are you up to it?.
      Luke: Let's get the General.

    • Luke: Called the Sheriff in Hatchapee and told him that Cindy was in Hazzard. Bo: What the heck did you do something like that for? I told you that she was innocent. Luke: Bo, the jewelry store owner confimed my description of her. Bo: Luke, I don't care who confimed what about who, I've done told you that she was with me during that robbery. What do you think I'm lying to you? Luke: You ain't got no watch. Maybe she's lying to you about the time.

    • Uncle Jesse: What did he say?.
      Luke: It's the same girl. No one wants to believe Bo more than I do, But (sigh), he ain't gonna be happy to hear this.
      Daisy: Oh boy.
      Bo: Oh fine, I can see by the look on y'all's faces Luke got you talked over to his side.
      Daisy: No one is taking anybody's side, Bo.
      Uncle Jesse: No, Luke just did what he thought he had to, that's all.
      Bo: Oh, what exactly was it that Luke thought he had to do?.

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