The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 5 Episode 19

Welcome Back Bo & Luke

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 1983 on CBS

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  • Bo and Luke are back from the NASCAR circuit. Coy and Vance leave to help take care of another relative.

    I thought this episode was okay. I would have liked it a lot more if the whole episode had included Coy and Vance as well as Bo and Luke. It would have been kind of cool to see them all foil Boss Hogg's plan. It's hard to see Coy and Vance on the show one minute and then not ever hear there name mentioned on the show again. I think they could have even let the actor's stay on for the rest of the season. I know most people didn't like Byron Cherry or Christopher Mayer, but I thought they did pretty well. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they did seem to be carbon copies of Bo and Luke. The main reason I liked the fifth season is because I look past who the characters are on the show and look at the moral values of the show. If you look at the moral values of the show, you will notice that they are just the same as they were in the previous seasons. I think since both of the actors were good looking might also be part of why I like the fifth season.
  • Coy and Vance kicked to the curb after Bo and Luke come back.

    It would have been nice to see all four Duke boys together
    for at least 1 adventure. Sad ending for Coy and Vance and crappy send off by Bo and Luke as you can tell by the looks on their faces they are rubbing it in. For everybody who came down on Coy and Vance including Bo and Luke you all need to remember Coy and Vance keeping the show going is the reason Bo and Luke had a series to come back to and work on instead of it being canceled all together.

    Coy and Vance get an A for effort!
  • Bo and Luke are back!

    Bo and Luke are back in Hazzard. Welcome home! This is one of the best episodes in the series.
    Bo and Luke surprise everybody at the Boar's Nest. Then they have a big welcome home party with Uncle Jesse, Daisy, Coy and Vance. And like other people, I would've liked to see Bo, Luke, Coy, and Vance do one adventure together. While everybody is welcoming Bo and Luke home, nobody is realizing what's going on with Cooter. When Bo and Luke surprise Cooter at the garage he blows up at them. Bo and Luke's racing buddy, Petey Willis, comes into town. Cooter works on his car and Bo and Luke really don't think that it was a good idea for Cooter to work on his car because he seemed to be making some mechanical mistakes. Then Petey gets in a horrific accident and his daughter blames Cooter for it. However, Petey's friend, Joey, is the reason Petey crashed. But when Bo and Luke find this out Cooter has already sold his garage to Boss and has headed for the hills. Will the Dukes be able to save Cooter's garage?
  • Cooters to proud to ask for help when Boss jacks his mortgage payment on the garage though the roof. Bo and Luke return and meet up with an old Nascar buddy at the Boars Nest.

    Coy and Vance are gone as quick as they came. Like the others said it would have been cool to see all 4 Duke boys go for one big shin dig together. Not much Daisy, Rosco, Enos, or Boss. No cute girls really either.

    Cooters fallen on hard times, and we learn he's to proud and keeps things bottled up and never tells the Dukes he needs money to keep his garage, which Boss plans to turn in to a shopping mall.

    The scene with Rosco finding what he thinks to be a girl skinny dipping at some pond and picturing himself arresting/rescuing her is kinda funny. Although by the looks of the surroundings he sure musta been taking the back roads to Atlanta to register the deed from Cooter selling his garage to Boss.

    One thing I noticed about Bo and Luke over Coy and Vance is Bo and Luke seem to put each others down more. Probably just in a friendly way, but take for example when Luke was chasing Joey and lost him, Bo sure rags on him a few times. Never really heard Coy and Vance doing that as much if at all.

    I liked Coy and Vance as the replacement Duke boys, not quit as funny and maybe a little less chemistry together, but they still made it work. The last Coy and Vance episode with Jesse losing his eye sight was the best of the C & V episodes.
  • Coy & Vance got a raw deal

    It was very sad that Corey and Vance
    And the actors that played them
    Got a raw deal in the end
    I mean don't blame them for the ratings
    That went down as they did their best
    Bo & Luke are back and as one member mentioned
    Coy & Vance should had stayed on the episode
    All the way through
    They again got a very raw deal
    And it ended up hurting Christopher Meyer and Byron Cherry's acting careers!
  • bo and luke return after racing on the Nascar circuit.

    I kinda hate this episode. Well...not hate it becasue it is the Dukes and for a brief moment all four Duke boys are in it. What really annoys me however is that Christopher Mayer and Byron Cherry have been there all season and as soon as Tom Wopat and John Schneider are back thats it. I\'m one of the few Dukes fans who actually liked Coy and Vance and it bothered me that it was just ok we\'re back see ya guys.. with no mention of Coy or Vance ever again! They aren\'t even in the rest of the episode! It would have been nice if Coy and Vance had stayed around for the few remaining episodes of the season but they should have at least had the episode. I reckon Mayer and Cherry did a great job and its a bit of an insult to be kicked out as soon as the other two came back and i know it put ratings way back up again... but i miss Coy and Vance lol
  • Finally

    Bo and Lukew return, and watching season 5 from the beginning, you suffer with the bad acting of Byron Cherry and Chistopher Mayer. Thank god Bo and Luke came back before the end of the season, Warner Brothers should have gotten this right long before Episode 19 what took so long?