The Dukes of Hazzard

Season 2 Episode 9

Witness for the Persecution

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1979 on CBS

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  • The Dukes help out Boss Hogg.

    Boss Hogg is an important government witness and the Feds want to keep him somewhere where he'll be safe. He stays at the Duke farm not thinking that he'll cause any trouble while he's there. Well, two professional hit men are hired to stop Boss from tesifying against their boss at the trial and Bo and Luke get caught up in it. As Bo and Luke are trying to save Boss Hogg they're trying to save themselves as well. They finally save Boss and the hit men drive into the pond. This was a really good episode. This happened to be one of my favorites. It's also the first time the Dukes helped Boss Hogg out of danger.
  • The dukes team up with boss.After agreeing to testify against a big racketeer,boss becomes a target for hit men hired to stop him from giving evince. The duke family hide him out until the trial. Mean while Rossco takes over as temporary boss compl

    This is one of those episodes were the dukes team up with boss to get out of a sticky situation.

    After agreeing to testify against a big racketeer, boss becomes a target for two hit man hired to stop him from giving evince.
    The duke family must hide him out on the farm until the trial and not let him be seen. Mean while Rossco take over as temporary boss complete with white suite and hat.

    This episode has a lot of funny moments, the best being with Rossco acting as temporary boss of hazard.
    I think Cooters good in this episode as well, the scruffy look works for his charter, and I don’t understand why the writers made Ben Jones clean up. Which he protected over. [Even leaving the show for a few episodes]

    I think the episodes were they all team up are always a hit because it makes a nice change from watching the normal happenings going on in hazard.