Dumb Bunnies

Thursday 7:30 AM on YTV Premiered Sep 20, 2000 Between Seasons


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  • This show is awesome!

    This show is funny and has it's moments, obviously people who aren't in like of it are too obtuse to view anything in their favor. Yes i can see in some parts of the show one thing is happening when it shouldn't and it makes the show look stupid, that's why it's called Dumb Bunnies, it's meant to be stupid, but not to the point where it makes you or children stupid. Bottom line it's funny, it's nice, it's suprisingly entertaining, has nice animiation, and I hope they bring it back on the tv or at least on dvd, I don't like how Amazon Unbox won't let Mac users download and its the only place to get these Dumb Bunnies episodes, if anyone has them, please at least upload them on youtube, torrents, etc. I really miss this show!
  • Incredibly Stupid Show.

    I understand this show is for little children, but these Bunnies are just making the kids even dumber.

    I found there were some funny parts in every show, but not enough to make me laugh my a** off.

    I don't see this show on tv anymore, and I'm really glad.

    Thank You
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