Dumbo's Circus

Disney Channel (ended 1986)


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  • Adventures of a flying elephant & his friends in a travelling circus. Live action puppets in costume make the adventure all the more exciting. With each town they travel to there is a new lesson to be learned.

    I loved this programme as a child & remember running home from school to watch it. Sitting in front of the telly my sister & I would sing and dance along. It was educational & fun at the same time. It was good value telly for youngsters & wish I could get it on DVD for my nephew. Loved it!
  • Great show. Lots of fun. My grandparent's had Disney so we were some of the lucky ones able to appreciate this work of wholesome mastery. There was another like it, live action, based on Winnie the Pooh and the characters that live in the hundred achor


    See for yourself. This show was pure bliss for my sisters and me. We watched it during those long open endless summer days at my grandparents place in the country... out in the middle of nowhere. They had satellite.
    Check out the intro here:


    This is another show that I would consider buying on DVD. Probably more geared to buy an episode or two rather than the entire set. But the characters are great. As you'll see in the intro, there are different animal characters doing different parts in the circus that travels from town to town in the show and is "coming to visit You_!" (from the intro song).
  • Dumbo's Circus was one of my favorite shows as a 1980's child.

    Dumbo's Circus was, unfortunatly, a very short lived show. This series was about Dumbo the flying elephant and his circus friends. Each episode the team would travel to a new location and perform a show. This series was not the traditional 2D animation but was live action puppets like The Muppet Show, Seasame Street, or Fraggle Rock. I do not know if the show did not catch on or if people did not care for the seires. My theory is that people were not aware of this fun filled show. Back when this show was on was when you had to pay for the Disney channel and that could have been part of the problem. If you ever have the chance I recommend Dumbo's Circus.