Dungeons & Dragons

Season 3 Episode 5

Cave of the Fairie Dragons

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Nov 09, 1985 on CBS

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  • Fairly good episode...

    Throught the series all the heros had their own "personal" episodes: Hank {The Traitor & The dragons Graveyard}; Eric {Day of the Dungeonmaster; Odyessey of the Twelfth Talisman}; Dinah {Child of the Stargazer} Presto {PRESTO spells disaster; The Last Illusion }; Shelia {Citadel of Shadow} Bobbi {Servant of Evil; The Girl who dreamed tomorrow] & Uni {Valley of the Unicorns}. Although not planned as the series finale , this episode makes a good finale -the kids having to sacrifice a chance to go home in order to save the Fairy dragons from a greedy king--and the last word spoken by Dungeonmaster that the kids hearts are beginning to understand reflection-which is part of home. according to the Big Cartoon website database this was the last episode made before the series cancelation and was actually shown after "Winds of Darkness" episode. Note Postscript the trivia section notes Queen Tasmira goes through the mirror while the amusement park is showing. This is an animator mistake as the storyboard shows that Queen Tasmira flies through the mirror with the other dragons while the Forest of Mists is showing! unmade script 7406
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