Dungeons & Dragons

Season 2 Episode 3

City at the Edge of Midnight

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Sep 22, 1984 on CBS

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  • A boy from the real world is pulled under his bed and later while sleeping Bobby is taken as well. Where have they been taken...The City on the Edge of Midnight.

    A good solid episode. Nice through in by Jimmy Whitaker, who believes the whole thing is a dream, saying "I'm sure look I'll see you in the morning at school, okay? Then you can show me another one of your dumb card tricks, eh Presto?" So even in the real world Presto was called Presto, not whatever his given name is. He is apparently known for playing slight of hand tricks on Earth.

    Also the character of Ramoud is a nice through in. His relationship with all the children is special and it is especially touching seeing him hand Sheila his daughter's doll to sleep with. But he also creates a bond with all the children from Hank to Eric.

    Once again it helps show the natures of the characters.
  • Had potential at the start, but just didn\'t make sense in the end.

    I like how this episode starts with the appearance of the hook horrors right out of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. After that the episode has potential, but fails to deliver. There are some glaring plot holes: How did the groud and Ramuud know how to open the portal to the City on the Edge of Midnight? Why was the Nightwalker trying to stop midnight from coming (did its coming destroy him or send him away?) There are also cuts where it seems parts are missing (possibly because the Toon Disney channel had to cut parts for commercial time). An episode with much potential, but didn't quite deliver.
  • An exciting and engaging episode

    Let's start with the one slight issue I had with this episode: am I the only that finds Ramuud's behaviour a bit pedophilic? Ah well, maybe I'm just not used to ancient Arabic customs to which his character marks resemblance.

    The plot is a tad bit more original than the 'find the portal' ones and actually features a quite scary monster (though no match for DemoDragon). Ramuud is a nice character and his search for is daughter moves the viewer.

    Eric is great as always. Another fun bit is at the end when the group tries to convince a friend of them to tell their parents back home that they are alright. But he is quite certain that he is about to wake up from a particularly bad dream and happily waves them goodbye, while saying 'see you at school tomorrow'.
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