Dungeons & Dragons

Season 2 Episode 5

Day of the Dungeon Master

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Oct 06, 1984 on CBS

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  • Eric smarts off to Dungeon Master and is then made into a Dungeon Master. In route he finds a way for the group to get back home if things go as planned.

    Great episode. Especially if Eric is your favorite character. He has the run of things in this episode. You can see his joy when things go well and sadness when they don't. Eric is often used as comic relief for the show, but here he has a Dungeon Master's powers and he wants to use them to send the group back home. He stands up to Venger and is willing to sacrifice himself for the group. This shows what happens everytime it really matters. Eric steps it up and avails himself well. That is waht makes him one of the most interesting members of the group.

    Once again great episode with insight into the cavalier and his companions.
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