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  • Dungeons and Dragons memories...

    Before this series came on American TV they had a cartoons preview and the host was none other than Ted Knight aka Ted Baxter of the old Mary Tyler Moore show! The clip was either from Day of the dungeonmaster or The Girl Who Dreamed tomorrow. I only saw little bits and pieces of the because I never had enough time to watch an entire episode and secondly because CBS kept screwing around and changing the TV schedule so at times when it was listed as being on it was off! {it kept being replaced by Punky Brewster-a show so sickonelly Sweet it made the Smurfs look good! A couple years later Fox TV had some of the episodes rerun {Valley of the Unicorns comes to mind} but only for the summer to YouTube I finally watched all 27 episodes although not in order! Somehow it was the right cartoon for the times I doubt such a cartoon can be produced in this hper senative politicaly correct times Today. I read the script of the unmade 28th Requriam episode both a cliffhanger {if the show was renewed for a 4th season} and a series finale {if the show wasn't renewed. Somehow I'm glad I did not see this 28th with Eric being the one to redeem Venger from evil just a little too much to take! and even if the show was renewed again It would have ment a Dngeons and Dragons episodes in a different magical realm without Venger or the guide was a female dungeonmaster and the kids battled evil with less magic and more to rumor}. of the quality of the epiosdes..18 were fair to good {despite some conventionalty in story lines . The time lost episode theme of erasing someone from existence by changing history} 8 were fairly good to excellent {The Dragons Graveyard, the Dungeon at the heart of dawn; Quest of the skeleton Warrior; Day of the Dungeonmaster; The Girl who dreamed tomorrow, the box, valley of the Unicorns, cave of the fairy dragons}; only 1 was poor/fair {Winds of Darkness--I think this was made a little too hurridly done and is quite conventional-old mysterious gypsy woman}. although it was not intended to the series think the episode that came closest to a series finale was Cave of the fairy Dragons when Dungeonmaster remarks that the home is a reflection of the heart and that the kids are beginng to understand reflection tooo bad that there was not a cliffhanger series finale when just as the kids are about to go home who shows up but He those Name cannot be spoken COMES the kids go home or fight the ultimate Evil once and for all? Note there were apparently more scripts for a 4th season but after 3 seasons and 27 episodes the series was getting old. Likewise season 1 was 13 episodes yet season 2 was only 8 episodes and season 3 was only 6 episodes which if kept to the 13 episode format met the series would have only gone on for 2 seasons not 3. Ive also read online what really killed the show was that it was expensive to make and had poor rattings-kind of like Star Trek better than average Si-fi show that also goy axed because of rattings! Could there be a movie adaptation based on the series? Probably but somehow it just wouldn't have the quality of the cartoon series. Link to a scrpt never ade 7406
  • Egad, this cartoon is older than some graduate students! Unfortunately, that doesn't include me.

    The notion that a Saturday morning cartoon can demonstrate character depth or development seems laughable, but the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series succeeds. Certainly, the cartoon can be childish and unsophisticated, as even my five-year old niece can appreciate. Several episodes and animations are downright silly. Still, some gems can be gleaned, and, to my mind, they shine brightly. The group dynamic throughout the series is wonderful and authentic in acting as children in their demands and disagreements. Acknowledging the characters as children, many fan interpretations seem to over-analyze their every action, but some characters' choices do indeed offer fleeting moments of meaning. Aside from the crux of The Dragon's Graveyard and The Traitor (-sigh- despite the insufferable Cloud Bears), two other instances spring to mind: trapping Venger in The Box and freely trusting Dekion in The Quest of the Skeleton Warrior.

    The highest praise is that the show is memorable. I anxiously awaited each week's show, and, over twenty years later, my recollection of The Prison Without Walls prompted me to buy the DVD collection. Admittedly, the destruction of the second Stone Golem wasn't as cool as I recalled, but episodes I had not seen in the 1980's more than compensated.
  • Dungeons & Dragons is the coolest and best cartoon that has ever been made and it is my favorite cartoon that has ever been on television.

    The characters were cool, the episodes were cool, the animation was cool. Everything about this show was cool. Six kids go on a Dungeons & Dragons ride and it ends up taking them to the real realm of the Dungeons & Dragons world. Their leader is the Dungeon Master. Each of them has a cool weapon. Hank had that awsome bow that shot out different types of arrows. Presto had the magic hat that he never knew how to use correctly. Diana had the staff that could grow and change shape. Sheila had the cloak that could make her invisible. Eric had the magic shield and Bobby had the magic club. The characters were so cool and even their enemy Venger was cool. Everything about this show was cool. I always wish that it could have lasted longer and that they would have made more episodes. I really loved this cartoon.
  • Got me addicted to all things fantasy

    I don't think I really appreciated this growing up as much as I should have, this was so ahead of its time and is still an amazing cartoon today. It got me interested in sci-fi and sci-fantasy and using my imagination at such an early age I didn't realize its impact until quite recently when I watched it with my niece and nephew and they were spellbound. Defiantly a classic that stands the test of time and is still as enjoyable now as it was when I was a child. Should be shown again to inspire the new generation of children.
  • This show was so adhead of its time and in my opinion a classic.

    As noted from the episode guide from the DVD box Dungeons & Dragons: the complete animated series. The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn: Retrieving a box for the Dungeon Master, a curios Eric decides to open it, despite the fact that the young ones are under very strict oders not to open it. Dungeon Master appears a little to late, as a beam of light shoots out of the box and into the sky. Suddenly every thing in the Realm is cloaked in darkness and a very strong wind starts followed by a fearsome growl starts. A very large and powerful entity appears of evil incarnate. Dungeon Master himself is very scared and tells his pupils that they must run for there very lives... It would have been nice to see Tiamats reaction to this situation and have him join Dungeon Master, the young ones, Uni, Shadow Demon and Venger. This episode could have easily been a two parter. This is one of the best in the whole series. The whole series was excellent, but this was one of the best.
  • Six children get in a carnival ride that leads them to another world called, simply The Realm. There they meet Dungeon Master who gives them fantastical items: a shield, a bow, a staff, a club, a magicians hat, and a cloak of invisibility.

    Overall a Great show. I grew up watching it and have recently seen on Disney. I believe the best part of the show was not the great adventures (and they are great) that the kids went on or awesome magical items they came across, but simply the realness of the interactions of the different characters. From Presto and Eric to Bobby and Sheila to Diana and Hank the interactions are always genuine. This was very different than any other Saturday morning show. Daphne was never this way with Shaggy on "Scooby-Doo." -

    I was also getting intrigued by the mystery of how Venger was Dungeon Master's "mistake" when the show went off the air. I have recently seen the script for the final episode on the internet, and had they been able to make it, it explains all as Venger was Dungeon Master's son. Once again an almost "Star Wars" type of connection between the Good and Evil forces in The Realm. And always in the shows is the theme of redemption from Dekion to Venger.
  • Six kids go to the fair, and never come back.

    The summary could easilly be construed as a frightening concept but in fact this fantastic TV series was about 6 heroes who inadvertantly end up in a fantasy world, battling the evil Venger and other demons on their mission to find a way home. The series ended and they still never made it home, but Dungeon Master says that they are closer than they think. This is a fantastic 20 minute tea time show which generation upon generation can enjoy with the funny antics of inept magician Presto, Invisible girl Sheila, and co. This should come back to life, and show the heroes finally making their way home. And Uni could go with them. ah !
  • Dungeons & Dragons followed 6 all American kids in their extraordinary adventures in the realm of Dungeons & Dragons…

    Hank, Eric, Presto, Diane, Sheila, Bobby and Uni all trapped in the Realm of Dungeons & Dragons after a fair ground ride transports them there. Guided by the little man himself – Dungeon Master and avoiding where possible, encounters with Venger. How could this NOT be one of my all time favourite cartoons back in the day?

    I can clearly remember this show being all I wanted to watch after school willing them to find their way back home but then not wanting them too so the series didn’t end.

    I always wanted Hanks Bow!!

    Of course I now own the box sets and still really enjoy watching it!!! The animation still looks OK and the stories are still good. The part I like the most about re-watching them is when I can still remember quotes or what happens next.

    Seriously though – Anyone who hasn’t seen these should instantly leave where they are now and purchase the box sets immediately!! I have sat down with my oldest son who’s 10 and he loved them!!!

    I’ve rated this series a 10 purely for nostalgia alone but it would have got a 10 any way!!
  • Will they ever get home?

    This is one of my all time favorite cartoons, and certainly an abiding memory of my childhood. The start of the show is fantastic as it shows the contrasts of the two worlds that the children find themselves in. The characters are all fantastically different with their own different skills and powers that creates plot points for all of them. I used to watch this with conflicting emotions every time they nearly made it back to their own world. On one hand, I wanted them all to return home to their families, yet on the other hand I wanted them to fail just so that the show would carry on and I could see more of it. The only downside for me is that we never did see an episode made were they fulfilled their wish to leave the Realm. I still watch the odd episode now and again on TV and it still stands the test of time and gives me a welcome trip down memory lane.
  • Sranded kids in another dimension fight evil magic

    Another good show, well, not that good or bad, but still enjoyable. One thing is what i remember the most about this show and that is the animation. I cannot like the colors in this show, heck, not even the backgrounds. Being this a magical world, how can they simply give us these? The magical world of Dungeons & Dragons deserves much better than the simles desings we see here. The show also lacks a dark atmosphere but i guess it is beacuse it was intended for younger audiences. Nonetheless, it is a nice show. A little rushed and out of characters but still watchable.
  • This was one of my favourite cartoons back in 1980's.

    Wwhen i was younger i never missed an episode.

    The story was interesting and watching the kids using skills their skills to battle evil dragons and demons is so cool. My favourite character is Hank "the Ranger" the leader of the group.

    My favourite episode is "The Box" This was the episode they made it to the real world but Venger was there destroying everything so they have to return to Dungeons and Dragons realm, another episode I love is "The Dragon's Graveyard" when the kids fed up with the realm and they just wanted to go home, This episode show that another world their weapons is stronger and they decide to stop Venger however Hanks did not finish him off. What I like this episode is that has the best battle out of the whole series. For some good old-fashioned entertainment good guys VS. bad guys watch these cartoons you won't be disappointed.
  • Top childhood favorite of mine that I couldn't wait until every Saturday to watch it...

    O the memories! I loved this show as a child and I'd love to watch it over again with my kids. It was a classic cartoon adventure that every child wanted to jump in the Tv and be a part of the show. Every week waiting to see what would happen the kids and if they would ever get home. And wise wizard that had more riddles than words was the cutest. And of course as a girl I wanted to be a female warrior. I think that is where the idea for Zena Warrior Princess's costume came from. And who wouldn't want a pet dragon. I am just sorry that they never finished the series to get the kids home but use die D&D fans have written our owe stories to continue their journey and find the road home.
  • Majestic and sweeping cartoon...one of the best of the original CBS Saturday morning lineup.

    Dungeons & Dragons would make for a great live action adaptation if conceived properly. It captured the imagination with again, great BGM that was shared by shows like The Incredible Hulk, which was on NBC mornings. Monsters like Tiamet captivated and terrified me....the main villain was scary, the main characters very likeable (I remember Hank and Cavalier the most). The teamwork and animation were great. Nothing but love for this show!
  • Pretty cool old school cartoon!

    I'm glad Toon Disney is airing this. Now I get to see something from my past I missed and this is cool!
    Fantastic animation, mideival beings, good characters (and even better villains), magic, and pretty good action! Eric was just as funny as he was arrogant and Hank was a pretty good leader--they're obviously the best kids out of the six. The adventures were just so riveting that I'm starting to be unable to wait for the weekends to see it. It was also funny when it had to be.
    Still, I wonder how long Toon Disney will keep this up? Oh well, this is still pretty good!
  • willie ames

    i just recently noticed that donnie most and willie ames voice characters on this show. in the eighties this was a cartoon ahead of its time. hell it even holds it's own with a lot of shows out there today. i can honestly say i've seen every episode at least twice.
  • Not only was this show underappreciated but it was a classic and ahead of its time.

    I started watching this show in the 80's and I loved it then. I can't remember alot about it but I loved it. It was a very exciting cartoon but different then like he-man or transformers. I actually bought a copy of all the episodes on VHS not to long ago from ebay. The show did end before it was supposed to. If I remember right it was supposed to go on for another season but got the ax even before the last episode could be made. I found the script for the last unaired episode one day. It is the one where the kids get to decide wether or not they want to go home or not. It was good. I recommend that you look it up and read how the show was supposed to end.
  • I loved this show!

    This show was classic I use to watch it all the time. I was and still am big into D&D,and I would love for this show to come out on DVD.It was one of the best cartoons of the 80's. It was pretty faithful to pen and paper game it was base on.
  • Well for one thing the show wasn't on ABC it was on CBS at about 11AM or so followed by "Land of the Lost". I really enjoyed this show when it came out back in the '80s.

    I loved the show a lot and still have a VHS tape of a few episodes from way back then. It captured your imagination and taught the values of team work and self-sacrifice. I got laughed at for watching a "boys" cartoon but there were girls on the show too. My favorite is Shiela. She was really nice at least that's what I thought back then. She was always trying to take care of Bobby her little brother and she had a thing for Hank. If I was a cartoon character I would have had a thing for Hank too.

    Presto was cool but kinda nerdy but at least he was brave unlike "Eric, the Cowardly Cavalier". I think they really dissed Diana and she was just a token black girl on the show. She hardly ever had the spot light unlike a lot of the other characters. I liked Booby too, he was a cute kid.

    But all in all I really enjoyed the show. I had forgotten that it was on CBS until just recently when I pulled out my tape. My little girl got mad because I kept fast forwarding though the episodes that I remembered. She liked the little bears in the one episode. So I let her watch that one. She has since watch all of them on the tape. :) We missed it when it was on FOX KIDS a few years back. But Dana would have been too young to watch in then.

    I think I am more disapointed now that the show got canceled than was back then, but that's because didn't give the show an ending. Well at least it wasn't as bad and one of my favorite shows of all time, "Joan of Arcadia", Dana (my daughter) and I used to watch that every friday night that my son, Mark, didn't have a football or basketball game" even my husband Tim liked to watch "JOA" sometimes. So we recorded it a lot of the time. Another fatality of CBS. OH WELL, the past is the past. Time to move on.

    I hope they release it on DVD some day.
  • Classic, who shouldnt had end

    This serie is a classic, i couldnt lose any episode, because the serie was so good; there are many ends for this serie, but none werent made, they just have the script.

    I dont know how can anyone doesnt like this serie, it was fantastic, one of the best i ever saw on Tv.
  • Holds true to the spirit of the game, and is a much needed DVD.

    Dungeons and Dragons was a classic. The animation wasn\'t truly groundbreaking but it was definatly top of the line for its day. And the stories while dubbed down slightly for a younger audiance, are still true to the spirit of the game. So far the only dvd\'s I\'ve been able to find of this series is a bootleg set which anyone can find threw some clever yahoo searches. I hope in the future we can see a real dvd set with all the bells and wistles. Its untelling what hidden goodies have been lost too the years on a show this imaginative. It also had a well designed toy line which I\'m still trying to piece together.
  • A classic 80's Saturday morning cartoon.

    This was one of the coolest shows back in the early 80's when the D&D role playing game was beginning to reach a peak thanks to a newer younger audience getting involved. Season one ran from 1983-1984, and was followed by two more seasons in the following two years, finally ending in 1986 when the show was cancelled.

    Rumors of a lost episode are out on the net, but the creators say that episode 28 - Requiem - The children finally return home, was never produced due to the show being cancelled without warning. More can be found about the show in Wikipedia.

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