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CBS (ended 1985)


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  • Egad, this cartoon is older than some graduate students! Unfortunately, that doesn't include me.

    The notion that a Saturday morning cartoon can demonstrate character depth or development seems laughable, but the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon series succeeds. Certainly, the cartoon can be childish and unsophisticated, as even my five-year old niece can appreciate. Several episodes and animations are downright silly. Still, some gems can be gleaned, and, to my mind, they shine brightly. The group dynamic throughout the series is wonderful and authentic in acting as children in their demands and disagreements. Acknowledging the characters as children, many fan interpretations seem to over-analyze their every action, but some characters' choices do indeed offer fleeting moments of meaning. Aside from the crux of The Dragon's Graveyard and The Traitor (-sigh- despite the insufferable Cloud Bears), two other instances spring to mind: trapping Venger in The Box and freely trusting Dekion in The Quest of the Skeleton Warrior.

    The highest praise is that the show is memorable. I anxiously awaited each week's show, and, over twenty years later, my recollection of The Prison Without Walls prompted me to buy the DVD collection. Admittedly, the destruction of the second Stone Golem wasn't as cool as I recalled, but episodes I had not seen in the 1980's more than compensated.