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CBS (ended 1985)


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  • This show was so adhead of its time and in my opinion a classic.

    As noted from the episode guide from the DVD box Dungeons & Dragons: the complete animated series. The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn: Retrieving a box for the Dungeon Master, a curios Eric decides to open it, despite the fact that the young ones are under very strict oders not to open it. Dungeon Master appears a little to late, as a beam of light shoots out of the box and into the sky. Suddenly every thing in the Realm is cloaked in darkness and a very strong wind starts followed by a fearsome growl starts. A very large and powerful entity appears of evil incarnate. Dungeon Master himself is very scared and tells his pupils that they must run for there very lives... It would have been nice to see Tiamats reaction to this situation and have him join Dungeon Master, the young ones, Uni, Shadow Demon and Venger. This episode could have easily been a two parter. This is one of the best in the whole series. The whole series was excellent, but this was one of the best.