Dungeons & Dragons

CBS (ended 1985)


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  • Dungeons & Dragons is the coolest and best cartoon that has ever been made and it is my favorite cartoon that has ever been on television.

    The characters were cool, the episodes were cool, the animation was cool. Everything about this show was cool. Six kids go on a Dungeons & Dragons ride and it ends up taking them to the real realm of the Dungeons & Dragons world. Their leader is the Dungeon Master. Each of them has a cool weapon. Hank had that awsome bow that shot out different types of arrows. Presto had the magic hat that he never knew how to use correctly. Diana had the staff that could grow and change shape. Sheila had the cloak that could make her invisible. Eric had the magic shield and Bobby had the magic club. The characters were so cool and even their enemy Venger was cool. Everything about this show was cool. I always wish that it could have lasted longer and that they would have made more episodes. I really loved this cartoon.