Dungeons & Dragons

Season 3 Episode 1

The Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Sep 14, 1985 on CBS

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  • very very good

    one of the best The Dragons The Evil was never in the box but what was released was a signal for the One those name cannot be spoken. Although it was never made Dungeonmaster last words imply the Unspoken one will be face to face with Dungeonmaster and the kids in the future and that would have been a real cliffhanger! after all the kids would have a choice of going home or facing the ultimate evil. This is one episode in which besides Eric, the other kids (Dinah, Shelia and Bobbi} show fear in the face of the confrontation with the ultimate evil/doom.
  • The reason why people like Dungeons and Dragons. A great jumping point for newbies.

    OK, this is the Robsterman here! Of all 27 episodes, this one has to be the creme de la creme. Sure, we don't know how Evil got into the box, but we do know that it is unleashed, and it is ticked off. It conquers everyone, and make no mistake, Venger is the first of its victims.

    For those of you who like this series, this has to be the best of the best. Act I alone boasts some of the finest animation of all time.

    * A cool scene is the Venger scene. Nice use of shading. And what people do not realize is that at the conclusion of the scene, Venger's castle is completely destroyed.

    * What would have been nice would have been to explain just how Evil was trapped in the box in the first place. Also, we never learn exactly why Dungeon Master asked the students to retrieve this box. * This is actually the second episode in a trilogy. The Dragon's Graveyeard is the opening episode of the trilogy and Requiem is the final, unproduced episode. However, a script is available for reading. Also, on the D&D DVD collection, a radio rendition of the script is available.