Dungeons & Dragons

Season 2 Episode 4

The Traitor

Aired Saturday 12:30 PM Sep 29, 1984 on CBS

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  • The group believes Hank has betrayed them to Venger. The other kids meanwhile are defending the Cloud Bears from Venger's Orcs.

    I really liked this episode. The conflict between the kids really tells us alot about their character. Hank is trying to protect Bobby, but in the process agrees to help Venger looking like a traitor the others. Dungeon Master sometimes on the show is more a psychologist then a magical being and this episode is one of those instances. He is the one that talks Hank into doing the right thing and fighting Venger.

    Do the Cloud Bears remind you of any other characters? Yeah I know they are a rip off of the Ewoks, but the jewels they have really come in handy when the final battle comes down.