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Dunkirk is a 2004 BBC miniseries about the 1940 evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from its untenable foothold in France. As the miniseries opens, the British Admiralty learns that the Expeditionary Force is retreating and hatches a plan to rescue it. Known as Operation Dynamo, the plan has little chance of succeeding until the German commander orders his infantry to stop the attack. The Admiralty assumes this action is intended to bring the British to the negotiating table, but it has the opposite effect. As the German Air Force renews the attack, the Admiralty assembles a fleet of nearly 1000 vessels to ferry the British soldiers across the English Channel. Unfortunately for Britain, the English Channel is rough and most available vessels are small fishing boats. Will the makeshift fleet be able to rescue enough of the BEF to create a new army? Will they make it to Dover, or will it be too late?