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  • Season 2
    • No episodes have been added for this season of Durarara!!.
  • Season 1
    • Despite Mikado's orders, the Yellow Scarves hunt down members of the Dollars. Mikado begins to question whether the existence of the Dollars is worth such a sacrifice. Anri tries to put a stop to the gang war, but ends up making the situation worse...
    • Active Interest
      Active Interest
      Episode 27
      An increasing number of people have gone missing in the districts of Ikebukuro and Shibuya. However, those missing are people that will not be missed, such as fugitives and illegal aliens. Who will have the nerve to stand up and save these people?
    • World At Peace
      Episode 26
      A new reality show seeks out Ikebukuo's number one cute couple.
    • 11/26/11
      The Dollars are enraged at the Yellow Scarves' actions. The Yellow Scarves learn that Anri is the girl who escaped from their hideout during the night of the meeting, and track her down. However, an unexpected group of people steps in to save her...
    • Heaven's Vengeance
      Episode 25
      The arrival of a mysterious red bag invites new kinds of trouble for the Headless Rider.
    • Kadota and the Dollars infiltrate the Yellow Scarves and with a little help from Celty and Shizuo manage to take down Horada. With everything finally over Masaomi and Saki decide it is time to leave Ikebukuro and star over somewhere else. Meanwhile, having finally learnt the truth about each other Anri and Mikado go back to their normal lives and restart the Dollars.moreless
    • 6/17/10
      Horada discovers Mikado's identity as the leader of the Dollars and uses that information to gain control of the Yellow Scarves. Masaomi goes to confront Horada but Celty, Anri, Shizuo and Mikado all rush after him for their own reasons.
    • Dissolution Declaration
      When Anri is attacked by the Yellow Scarves Mikado uses the Dollars to save her. Unfortunately this only encourages the Yellow Scarves to intensify their campaign of violence and Miakdo decides that the only way to stop them is to disband the Dollars for ever.
    • At a Total Loss
      At a Total Loss
      Episode 21
      As the attacks by the Yellow Scarves continue Mikado is unsure what to do as the leader of the Dollars and considers abandoning them. Meanwhile, Anri tries to stop the attacks by controlling her 'Saika children' within the Yellow Scarves but ends up making things worse.
    • 5/28/10
      Masaomi reaches out to Kadota and learns that Izaya knows the identity of the leader of the Dollars. After learning the truth about Mikado Masaomi warns the Yellow Scarves against attacking the Dollars, but he does not have the control over his gang that he used too.
    • 10/29/11
      "As Izaya watches the city descend further into chaos, Masaomi takes time to reflect on his life, his friends, and how things got to be this way.
    • 5/21/10
      As tensions between the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars mount Anri feels responsible for the escalating conflict. Unfortunately when she decides to investigate she ends up making things much worse for everyone involved.
    • Life and Death are Up to Fate
      Masaomi returns to his old life as the leader of the Yellow Scarves and begins looking into both the Dollars and the Slasher. As such he looks back on his past experiences with the gang including the first time he met Saki Mikajima and Izaya.
    • 5/7/10
      Anri uses the original 'Saika' blade to face off against Haruna in the process revealing what real happened to her and her parents five years ago. She also learns that Izaya has been responsible for carefully manipulating everything that has happened involving Haruna and the Saika blade.
    • Dumb Like a Fox
      Dumb Like a Fox
      Episode 16
      "Magazine journalist Shuji Niekawa begins to investigate the strongest man in Ikebukuro, Shizuo Heiwajima.
    • Mutual Love
      Episode 16
      After Celty and Shizuo save Anri from the Slasher everyone begins to think that things are over. However, they soon realise that there is more going on than they first realised and that Anri's life is still in grave danger.
    • 4/23/10
      Reporter Shuji Niekawa is researching an article about 'Ikebukuro's strongest man', Shizuo Heiwajima. Unfortunately his interviews with those closest to Shizuo attract the attention of the Slasher. Meanwhile, Anri has a run in of her own with the mysterious attacker.
    • Public Unrest
      Episode 14
      Mikado is concerned about the rumours suggesting a link between the Dollars and the Slasher incidents and so Celty agrees to investigate on his behalf. She soon learns from Izaya that a cursed blade called 'Saika' is involved and that Shingen once used that blade on her.
    • A Sudden Turn
      Episode 13
      It has been six months since Mikado's confrontation with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals and things in Ikebukuro have changed. Celty is being pursued by a relentless motorcycle cop, the Yellow Scarves have reappeared and the 'Slasher' incidents are becoming more frequent.
    • Mika reveals the truth about what really happened to her at Yagiri Pharmaceuticals causing Celty to make a shocking realisation about Shinra. However, despite this and everything else that has happened the following day is strangely ordinary.
    • Sturm und Drang
      Episode 11
      Mikado sets in motion an elaborate plan to reunite Celty with her head and confront Namie about her actions. However, he can't do it alone and decides to enlist the help of the infamous Dollars.
    • 3/12/10
      Mikado has a relatively normal day at school with Masaomi and Anri, despite the fact that Mika has taken refuge at his apartment. However, it isn't long before Celty and Izaya track him down and he learns the truth about The Headless Rider.
    • 3/10/10
      Yagiri Namie is desperate to find her missing younger brother Seiji and even goes so far as to ask Izaya for help. Meanwhile, Seiji and his 'girlfriend' Harima Mika manage to get into trouble with Shizuo and Celty.
    • Transient Dream
      Episode 8
      Celty has a rare day off but despite trying to relax with Shinra she can't stop thinking about her missing head. Meanwhile, everyone else also seems to be dealing with things they have lost.
    • 2/18/10
      Shizuo has been in an increasingly bad mood recently and is taking it out on everyone around him. As he does so he looks back on his early life and the origins of his incredible strength.
    • Bustle
      Episode 6
      When an illegal immigrant named Kaztano is kidnapped his captors have no idea what they have let themselves in for. His friends Walker Yumasaki, Saburou Togusa, Erika Karisawa and Kyohei Kadota will stop at nothing to get their friend back and make his kidnappers pay.
    • 2/4/10
      Masaomi, Mikado and Anri continue to spend time together and begin to learn more about each other. Meanwhile, Masaomi ponders the odd relationship that the three of them share.
    • Loneliness
      Episode 4
      Shinra Kishitani tells the story of Celty Sturluson an Irish Dullahan who has come to Japan looking for something she lost. She now works as an underground transporter and is known to most people as The Headless Rider.
    • Rampant
      Episode 3
      Mikado becomes the male class representative in order to spend more time with his female counterpart Anri Sonohara. Later, whilst trying to help her out of an awkward situation he gets involved with both Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima.
    • 1/14/10
      It is the first day of the new term for Mikado and he is disappointed not to be in the same class as Masaomi. Meanwhile, 'Miss Magenta' also starts school and looks back at what happened to her the night before, when she cheated death twice.
    • First Words
      Episode 1
      Ryuugamine Mikado arrives in Tokyo and is bedazzled by the sights and sounds. While looking around the city he sees the "Headless Rider" riding a pitch black motorcycle.