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  • one of my favorite animes

    show is centers around Mikado ryugamine, who created the dollars, a headless rider, a strong bar tender, a guy that is an info broker. this show is just great, I just have to tell you what I think every time i finish seeing an episode "that was a refreshing ride" "another masterpiece" Durarara is hilarious, it is soo mysterious and so wickid, I'm very sad that it isn't on adult swim anymore, along with the other animes because toonami is back -_-. It is very teen like in the way that Masaomi Kida and the others are. to believe there are gangs everywhere! and facing all this trouble! Durarara can be simple and clean with it's story it makes you want to watch more, it makes you think...what will happen next!? I can't wait. If you like mysteries and discovering what people do in the show, you will like it. I'm so glad that durarara is around. And right now I seriously can't wait to watch it again. see you later
  • An excellent show and eactly what you would expect from the man who brought us Baccano!

    I would normally outline the plot at this point but that seems slightly pointless given the author and subject matter. In essence it essential follows Ryuugamine Mikado a sheltered highschool student who ahs just moved from a small town to Tokyo. Along the way he encounters all sorts of odd people and has surreal experiences... there is other stuff too but lets not get bogged down.

    The plot is originla and the haracters are exactly the kind of larger than life figures that you would expect. At the same time they are also quite grounded in reality which is a rare accomplishment. The voice actors are largely to thank for this as they give some thoroughly excellent performacesthroughout.

    The animation is olid but I have seen better. This is largely unimportant though as it is the crazy plot and characters that are the real focus. In my opinion this is definitely a must see show.