Durham County

Season 1 Episode 3

Divide and Conquer

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 21, 2007 on The Movie Network
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Episode Summary

Mike Sweeney finds it more and more difficult to hide a painful secret. Ray Prager crosses paths with a serial killer and another woman dies.
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  • Things go from bad to worse for both Ray, Mike, and the women in their lives, but it makes for compelling viewing!

    Whereas the last episode felt a bit like an episode of set-up, in this episode, things start happening. Bad things. Mike tampers with more evidence, but comes clean to Tom (sort of...) about Ms. Lacroix. Traci leaves Ray (who's dissolving further into madness), but he won't leave her alone, and antagonizes her horribly. Audrey is increasingly charmed by Ray, and Sadie and Ray Jr. get friendly. (I can't help but wonder about that. I don't think Ray Jr. has his father's muderous, crazy tendancies, and in fact he seems like a sweet kid, but it's still a little weird.) The character development in this episode was solid, with the exception of Maddie, who has sadly gone ignored for this and the previous episode. Hopefully she'll be brought back into the plot soon.

    I like how the case progressed, and I thought the use of hallucinations at the end of the episode, providing Mike with the beginnings of a clue, was really well done, clever and a little creepy. The very last scene definitely grabbed my attention (Ray is getting creepier and more unstable by the minute. I wonder just how far he's going to take this new rivalry that he sees himself in with the Quebecois killer.)

    The tone of the episode was in keeping with the last two, bleak and a bit hopeless. My only complaint was the strip club having a big scene, again, although it did (admittedly) fit in well with the plot.

    All in all, I thought it was a good episode, and a bit more exciting than the last. I eagerly anticipate the next installment.moreless

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    • (Ray pensively fingers two locks of hair cut from his first two victims)
      Ray: Anything you can do, I can do better, Jayson...

    • Ray Jr.: We can be friends okay, completely nonsexual.
      Sadie: Fine.
      Ray Jr.: Fine? Okay. And if I'm completely overwhelmed by your body, and your extreme beauty-
      Sadie: What?
      Ray Jr.: and your mind, ok, your mind, which is brilliant and f*ed up in an interesting way, if I'm driven to lust by the simple fact of my hormones which I have had not a lot of practice controlling, if I ever lay a hand on you and you don't want me to, please, feel free to knock me out with your fist.
      Sadie: I can, you know.
      Ray Jr.: I know. And that's one of the things that's so exciting about you, Sadie. You're dangerous.
      Sadie: Well, everybody's dangerous. Be warned.

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