Durham County

The Movie Network (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Sanctuary
      Episode 6
      Ivan is arrested for killing Katya, but Miro escapes, taking Eva with him. Mike has trouble accepting Charlie after Audrey's death. Maddie does not make it easier for him, especially by declaring the godfather to be Ivan, whose deeds Mike cannot tell Maddie about. Sadie tries to resolve her incident with Julian and her future with Ray Jr.moreless
    • The World Ends
      Episode 5
      The Sweeney family tries to cope with Audrey's death. Mike tries to keep his family from falling apart while trying to get Ivan to help him catch Miro. Joseph begs the police to help find Ousemene. David tries to get Sadie to leave for New York with him.
    • Survivors
      Episode 4
      Mike presses Ivan to help him catch Miro, but their plans go awry. Sadie tries to investigate on her own, nearly getting killed in the process. Miro tracks down Katya's lover for Ivan, but does not get the results he expected.
    • 11/8/10
      Mike's investigation into the gang war reveals a link between the Chinese gang and Miro and Ivan. Audrey has problems when she goes into labor. Sadie takes a job from David, and Sabina keeps it from Mike.
    • Family Day
      Episode 2
      Mike starts to wonder about Katya and decides to look into Ivan's past. Ivan and Miro have more secrets which may connect to another case. Sadie gets in over her head with her undercover work.
    • Homelands
      Episode 1
      Detective Sabina Leung enlists Mike in the investigation of a horrible double-murder that looks like drug-related gang violence, along with the help of a retired military investigator, Ivan Sujic. Mike also has to contend with Sadie graduating from the police college and being put in the line of danger, and Audrey's pregnancy. Ivan has his own secrets when his wife goes missing and his shady brother-in-law.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1