Durham County

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lady of the Lake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2007 on The Movie Network

Episode Recap

The episode starts out with Mike Sweeney hallucinating about the dead teacher, Ms. Lacroix. We see him leaving a message on her answering machine, and it suggests that this is not the first time. The scene cuts to Ray Prager's house, where his son is asking Ms. Lacroix not showing up to a meeting they had. Ray and Traci begin to argue about him meeting with the teacher, and fight about their son's scholarship- Ray refuses to pay for the other expenses his son would need, like the airfare. Their fight ends with Ray kicking Traci, clad in a robe, out of the house, and locking her out. Traci goes across the street to Mike's and asks to use the phone, saying that she locked herself out. Meanwhile, Mike and his wife argue about transportation, further setting up the fact that their marriage isn't going so well. He takes her car and leaves.

The scene changes to Ray in his garage, looking over his spoils from the crime scene of the two dead girls, including a journal (possibly belonging to the killer with the Quebecois accent) and a lock of hair from the blond victim. He places the objects back inside a picnic basket, and puts it on a high shelf. At the same time, Mike's wife is ranting to Ray's wife about her marriage, but quickly apologizes about it and offers her coffee. She declines, and exits, only to find Ray driving off, leaving her stranded in the street.

The next scene begins in the high school, with Mike's elder daughter Sadie being invited by the boy from the last episode inviting her to a party out at an abandoned farm. The scene then cuts to Mike, who is in Ms. Lacroix's home, looking for her. He flashes back to a scene of the two of them together, suggesting that they had a relationship that went beyond teacher and parent. He cell rings, and he is called to a crime scene, a body by the lake. It is Ms. Lacroix. He looks up, and hallucinates, seeing a woman (Ms. Lacroix?) on the hill.

The scene cuts to Ray in his yard, calling Traci and urging her to pick up the phone. A yoga student of Traci's comes up, while Ray is being told that Traci dies not want to talk to him. Ray gives the student an excuse as to why Traci's not there, and offers her a ride back to town, but then he starts getting maudlin and weird, talking about Traci. The student looks uncomfortable, and refuses the ride, instead asking to call a cab. She ends up taking Ray's wife's cab, leaving Audrey no choice but to accept a ride from Ray (as she has a job interview that she is almost late for). The chat, and bring up feeling like they're going crazy. Ray states that it's likely environmental, and Audrey agrees. He offers her free bathroom fixtures. They are getting along particularly well. Audrey seems charmed by Ray.

Cut to the power lines, and the crime scene by the lake. Mike and the other officers discuss the scene, and he hallucinates about what happened to Ms. Lacroix. Mike blasts an officer for screwing up something, and sends him off to talk to students at the high school. He thinks that they might find skin cells from her killer on the pen found clutched in Lacroix's hand. The scene cuts to the officer in the school ground, talking to Ray's son, and explaining that his teacher had been killed. Ray Jr. bolts. The scene cuts to the party at the farm. A bunch of guys are fighting each other, as Sadie and her friend sit under a tree. She states "I thought there would be other girls here." He replies that they'll be there, and goes off to join the fighting. Sadie wanders off to the barn, and finds some bedding on the floor of a room. She looks suspicious.

The scene cuts to Ray, dropping off Audrey. She thanks him, and he shouts after her "Hey, you look great!" and as she walks into the distance, "Good luck." They seem very friendly. The scene cuts back to power lines and then back to the farm, where Sadie is asking the guy and his friends "So why did you bring me here, exactly?" They suggest that they could each have a turn having sex with her. She looks highly unimpressed, and demands he drive her into town. He refuses and tells her she'll have to walk. She does. The scene cuts to a brief shot of Mike in Ms. Lacroix's apartment, where he erases all of his messages on her answering machine, and wipes his fingerprints from a wine glass. The scene changes back to a shot of Sadie walking along the road. A car pulls up. It is the first killer, with the Quebecois accent. He offers her a ride, but she says "No, thanks."

The next scene has Mike back at Ms. Lacroix's place, this time with other cops. A shot of her bed shows a condom package. Someone states "It looks like she was expecting someone." (At this point it is obvious that Mike and Ms. Lacroix were having an affair.) They discover that she was bereaved, her mother died, and she was attending bereavement support meetings. Someone makes a comment about sex and death canceling each other out.

The scene cuts to Mike's younger daughter, Maddie, in her mask, calling to him by the pool. He ignores her, and flashes back to a scene between him and Lacroix, where he hands her a ring and asks her to "hold on to it for me. I'm losing everything." The scene cuts to Ray Jr. sitting on the grass looking forlorn. Traci approaches him and tries to express her condolences about his teacher. The speak briefly about death. He leaves, she keeps sitting. The scene cuts to Ray, watching Audrey exit a taxi. He gives her a rose and asks how her interview went. She replies cheekily, "I was hot. Thanks for asking."

Cut to Mike asking Maddie where Sadie is. She says she was studying with a friend, but she doesn't know. Mike really gets angry at Maddie. Meanwhile, Ray is asking where Traci is, and discovers that she lent the picnic basket (containing the hair, etc.) to Audrey. He freaks out.

On the street, Ray Jr. approaches Sadie on his bike. They talk a bit, and finally he asks her to ask her father what happened to Ms. Lacroix. The scene cuts to Audrey with the basket, and then Mike asking Sadie where she's been. She explains that she was hazed, but he grounds her. She asks about Ms. Lacroix. The conversation is brief and a bit angry.

Ray and Traci are also talking about Ms. Lacroix. Traci is distant.

Cut to Sadie, who is looking at her dad's (?) case notes. The scene cuts to Sadie and Maddie watching TV as their parents go out. Sadie turns it to the cartoon network and tells Maddie she's going out. Cut to Sadie and Ray Jr. at the dumpsite by the lake. She explains to him how Ms. Lacroix died, the time of death, etc. He asks her to go away for a second. He leaves a bouquet of roses on the water for her, and tears up a little. Sadie watches him from a distance. The shot cuts to power lines and the sunset.

Cut to police station, with offices talking about the case. They have the files from Lacroix's office. There's more talk, more argument between Mike and the officer her told off earlier, then there's talk of a connection between the Lacroix murder and the disappearance of the two girls (who's bodies have not yet been found by anyone but Ray). They finish up with the intention of going to a bar. There's a scene with Mike and his new partner, who states that he heard they got the guy who killed his last partner. He asks Mike what happened to his hand. Mike gives a different excuse to the one he gave someone else earlier. His partner clearly knows that Mike beat the suspect up, and says that he has a temper. The scene changes to a strip club. It cuts to Ray by his pool, into which he throws his wedding picture. Cut to Traci, who is exiting a hotel. Ray cut off her money. She calls him, and tells him that despite that, she will not go back to him. The scene cuts to Ray, now at the strip club, talking to Mike. He prods him about the case, interspersed with mentions of fundraisers and saying that they should play hockey. Mike states that he can't give out info about the case. He hallucinates about Ms. Lacroix. He leaves the club. Ray starts getting drunk and weirdly enthusiastic. He tries to talk to Mike about Traci. They end up at Mike's home. Audrey thanks him for the ride. It's awkward. Mike says, facetiously, "you two have a whole life together." She replies "He's a nice guy." She says he dropped her off at her interview. Mike says "you didn't tell me."

Cut to Ray in his house calling for Traci. Ray Jr. looks into the pool at the wedding photo. Ray asks Ray Jr. about Traci, and he tells him that she's not going to be home. He asks Ray of he's ok or if he can get him something to eat, but Ray orders him to get out and starts sniffling. He calls Traci. The scene changes to Traci in her car, letting it ring and eventually shutting off the phone. Ray, a mess, repeats a message of "Can you please call me?" three times, somewhat tonelessly. He then throws the phone.

Cut to Mike and Audrey. Mike apologizes and puts his head on her shoulder. She asks "think you could bring me flowers sometime?" He hands her a ring. It's her mother's, and she thought she had lost it. (It appears to be the ring he gave to Ms. Lacroix…) They kiss, hug and basically make up.

Cut to Ray Jr. climbing the stairs of his house. Ray is in the hot tub, moaning and sputtering. Ray Jr. slumps, sitting outside the bathroom door, hugging his knees. The scene cuts to Sadie looking at her crime scene dollhouse with a curious expression.

The final scene is of Mike, calling someone named Simone, leaving a message that they found Ms. Lacroix's body. He hallucinates that he is sitting on a sofa in the woods by power lines, being embraced by Ms. Lacroix.
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