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Dusty's Trail

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Dusty's Trail is a western about two wagons that get lost after being separated from a wagon train on its way to California. The show was created by Sherwood Schwartz in an attempt to re-kindle the magic of Gilligan's Island, which had been cancelled six years previously. It starred Bob Denver, along with a new cast of characters that were blatant copies of those on the earlier series. Dusty was a lovable klutz, like Gilligan. Mr. Callahan was big and powerful but nice and gentle, like Skipper. The others on the wagon were the Brookhavens. They were rich and well to do, just like the Howells. Also on board were a smart engineer named Andy, a lovely saloon girl named Lulu, and a gentle nice and kind teacher named Betsy. At the same time as Dusty's Trail was on, Sherwood Schwartz was also doing the Brady Bunch. A lot of the writers and directors of Dusty's Trail were also writers on Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch. The 1973-1974 season was the first and last season of Dusty's Trail, and the last of five seasons of the Brady Bunch. In 1979 four episodes from Dusty's Trail were edited together and released to theaters as The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West.moreless
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  • Gilligan in the old west.

    About a year ago I bought a DVD called the Wackiest Wagon Train in the Westm which is a compilation of about four to six episodes of Dusty's Trail. I had heard about this show before but never got the chance to watch it and after viewing the DVD it turns out I have. I watched this as Gilligan's Island. The characters and premise are the same. On Gilligan's Island seven people were stranded on a deserted island. Here seven people are separated from their wagon train and are trying to find their way. The characters are carbon copies of the cataways. First there's Dusty, who I believe is Gilligan's great-grandfather. Dusty bumbles his way getting himself and the others into all osrts of trouble. Next is Mr. Callahan(the Skipper) the wagon master who looks out for Dusty right up to calling him "little pal." The chief difference is while the Skipper always yelled at Gilligan; Callahan just makes sarcastic comments about Dusty's predicament. Also featured are the Brookhavens(the Howells) who hired Callahan and Dusty to get them to San Francisco for the opening of a new bank branch; LuLu(Ginger) the wild saloon singer; Betsy(Maryann) the nice girl; and Andrew(the Professor) the mild-mannered young man who knows more than he lets on and is able to serve as an unoffical guide in certain areas. Despite this I still liked the episodes. They are simplistic yet entertaining and relaxing especially after a stressful day at work. I've also been a big fan of Forrest Tucker and felt he made a good straight man for Bob Denver. Sadly both have passed on. Tucker in 1987 and Denver in 2004.moreless