Dusty's Trail

Season 1 Episode 2

There Is Nothing Like a Dame

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 1973 on

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  • Goofy but good for the whole family.

    A decent effort on the part of Sherwood Shartz. In this episode two cattle rustlers strand the wagon so they can get "friendly" with Betsy and Lulu. A series of events leads Dusty and Callahan to dress up as women in order to protect the real women. When that backfires and the girls are kidnapped Dusty and Co.have to call out the "cavalry." This episode had a bit of suspense to it because it found the wagon troop unable to fight or flee and have to resort to creative measures to rescue the girls and capture the bad guys. However certain elements of this episode have been done before. The guys in drag bit I know has been done before I think even once on either F troop or Gilligan's Island. I'm not sure which but when I find out I'll post it in the notes of this episode. I will say though that I am big on the "MacGyver Effect" where the characters use whatever is at their disposal to win. It shows creativity which always earns high marks from me.