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DVD on TV is a show that was broadcast on the American cable channel FX. It was first shown in May 2008 and is hosted by actress Jennifer Lothrop ("Back to You", "How I Met Your Mother") and Dave Holmes ("Reno 911!", "Self Storage"). The premise of the show is for the hosts to take the viewers behind the scenes of a well-known movie to find out how it was made and to interview the cast and crew.
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  • A Team Oct 28, 2013

    I am watching you show and you are reviewing the ATeam. As the tank was falling you had mentioned that face was shooting a 60 cal machine gun. That was not a 60 cal machine gun that was the 50 cal maduice. Love your show though and the input you do put in.
  • This show sucks

    I'm not the only one who thinks this...I hate the way they show upcoming scenes, spoiling the whole movie. I don't need to know how the movie was made, unless I decide to actually get the dvd and watch it separately afterward. And what they did to Armageddon with that montage of outtakes was outrageous. It was a long montage, and I lost track of where the movie was, and when the movie came back on I wasn't sure if the montage was still going on and it was very confusing. I don't think this program is necessary and the only reason I turn to this channel occasionally is because I might like the movie and there is nothing else on. I always dread trying to watch a movie on DVD on TV. Get rid of it and just let us enjoy the movie!moreless
  • informative fill-in, Jennifer is eye candy, movies coming out on DVD presented

    If you want to just see a movie, you won't enjoy this much. Commercials will be bad enough, but I like the informative end of this. They show clips of the DVD extras and give out information on the movie in general throughout the movie before and after the commercials. Most of the movies they present are also appealing to me. I would say the show is geared toward the 18-45 age group. (No hard statistics on that.) You can tell Dave and Jen are reading a script, but it is decent viewing for me. She is slightly flirtatious and sexy.moreless

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