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Dynasty was a larger than life soaps opera that purported to portray the lives of the wealthy rich while embracing the greed, glamour and excesses of the Reagan-era 1980s. The story set in Denver, Colorado, centered around the wealthy but troubled Carrington family, headed by the powerful oil tycoon Blake Carrington (John Forsythe). In the premiere episode, Blake married his beautiful and sweet secretary Krystle (Linda Evans), much to the chagrin of Blake's spoiled daughter, Fallon (Pamela Sue Martin), and Krystle's ex-lover, Matthew Blaisdel (Bo Hopkins). Blake also had trouble dealing with the fact that his son Steven (Al Corley) was a homosexual and, at the end of the first season, Blake accidentally killed Steven's ex-lover when he found him and Steven in an embrace. In the second season premiere, Blake's world turned upside down. Not only was he on trial for murder, but his scheming ex-wife, Alexis (Joan Collins), re-entered his life to testify against him. After the trial, she ended up staying in Devener only to wreak more havoc against him and his new wife, Krystle. Initially, the show was dismissed as a clone of another primetime soap opera, Dallas, which also centered around a rich powerful family who made their fortune in oil. However, Dynasty distinguished itself from Dallas and the other primetime soap operas of its era by by embracing campy over-the-top storylines over realistic ones and larger-than-life fashions. By the end of the 1984-1985 season, Dynasty became the #1 TV show in the United States, beating out its rival, Dallas, and spinning off a second series, The Colbys (originally titled, Dynasty II: The Colbys). However, in subsequent seasons, ratings began to decline as viewers grew tired of the over-the-top storylines, such as Moldavia, Krystle's look-a-like. After 9 seasons and 218 episodes on ABC, the show was cancelled. Two years later, ABC aired a 4 hour mini-series, Dynasty: The Reunion, to wrap up the loose ends of the series, which ended with an unresolved cliffhanger. After its cancellation, the show was syndicated and eventually aired on SOAPnet, the ABC-owned 24-hour soap opera channel. The show received more interest in the new millenium with the airing of a satirical 2005 TV-movie, Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure; a 2006 cast reunion special, Dynasty Reunion: Catfights & Caviar, and of course, the release of the first few seasons on DVD. Nielsen Ratings: (Top 30 or Better) #19 in the 1981-1982 Season #5 in the 1982-1983 Season #3 in the 1983-1984 Season #1 in the 1984-1985 Season #7 in the 1985-1986 Season #24 in the 1986-1987 Season ABC Broadcast History: January 1981 - April 1981 -- Mondays 10:00 PM November 1981 - April 1983 -- Wednesdays 10:00 PM September 1983 - May 1987 -- Wednesdays 9:00 PM September 1987 - March 1988 -- Wednesdays 10:00 PM November 1988 - May 1989 -- Thursdays 9:00 PMmoreless

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  • John Forsythe

    John Forsythe

    Blake Carrington

    Linda Evans

    Linda Evans

    Krystle Grant Jennings Carrington

    Pamela Sue Martin

    Pamela Sue Martin

    Fallon Carrington Colby [Seasons 1-4]

    Pamela Bellwood

    Pamela Bellwood

    Claudia Blaisdel Carrington [Seasons 1-2; 4-6]

    Al Corley

    Al Corley

    Steven Carrington [Seasons 1-2]

    John James

    John James

    Jeff Colby [Seasons 1-6; 8-9]

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    • Yes, why was Dynasty taken off the air?

      I watched Dynasty was I was younger and it was so nice to start watching it again. All of a sudden Dynasty was taken off the air, what happened? Please resume showing Dynasty again!!
    • Where has Dynasty Gone?

      Taken off the air, not fair. I watch this every week day while having lunch. I hate eating alone. Put it back on please.
    • Has anyone ever noticed this?

      So I am curious to know if anyone ever noticed that there was one particular woman, an extra, that was in almost every episode, from the time Fallon took over La Mirage. What's funny is that she wore the same orange dress either walking into or walking out of La Mirage.
    • Delicious Over the Top 80s Camp At It's Best

      This show was many things. It was silly, campy, dramatic, humorous, ridiculous, poignant at times. But, it was usually entertaining, and usually fun, especially during seasons 2 to 5. Season 6 was hit or miss, seasons 7 and 8 were horrible, season 9 was ok, but not enough to save the show.

      Still, we'll always have the glitz, the glamor, the bitchy one-liners, the shoulder pads, the (non-burnt) champagne, the caviar (petrossian beluga, not ossetrovan, of course), the catfights, the boardroom battles, the bed hopping, the fabulous Carrington mansion and other opulent set pieces. Honestly, no other show captured this aspect of the 80s better than Dynasty did.moreless
    • soap opera

      its a soap opera in series format. This is so incredibly bad showing the american dream, al the rich people, and how bad some people are. this is so far from reality its ridicilous.

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