Season 9 Episode 21

Blasts from the Past

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 04, 1989 on ABC



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    • Explanation of the above goof: As usual "Dynasty" played fast and loose with its history to suit current storyline needs. When Amanda arrived on the scene, Alexis explained that after her affair with Roger Grimes, she and Blake had a brief reconciliation, which produced Amanda. However, this was totally inconsistent with the Blake and Alexis's history up until then and during the final season.

    • This episode shows when Alexis was seeing Roger Grimes and she mentions that Blake has thrown her out. In earlier seasons, she claims that she was pregnant with daughter Amanda when Blake told her to leave. If she and Blake hadn't been having sex where did Amanda come from then? Could she have been Roger's daughter? Or maybe Alexis was telling the truth about the swiss ski instructor being Amanda's father. Maybe Alexis figured that another way of getting revenge upon Blake was letting him think that Amanda was his child and then she would get some of the Carrington fortune.

    • Captain Handler begins to set Blake up in this episode and he won't get cleared until the reunion in 1991.

    • It is revealed that Roger Grimes was going to leave Alexis and she pulled a gun on him. When he knocked the gun from her and began to beat her up, Fallon shot him.

    • Alexis is made aware of the hidden Nazi treasure.

    • Sable reasons for hating Alexis are finally fully revealed in this episode. Alexis had a meaningless affair with Jason Colby and then revealed that Miles and Monica were not his children. According to Sable, Jason has known since 1987 and that is why the twins were cut off.

    • The repairman at the Carlton tells Sable that the bannisters on the balcony could give away at anytime. In the following episode this comes to play as Alexis and Dex fall.

    • Alexis reveals the fact that Jason Colby is not the father of Miles and Monica. Sable then reveals that she was raped and became pregnant. This leaves Jeff 1st cousins with Miles and Monica because their mothers are sisters. Bliss Colby is Jeff's only half-sister as she is the only actual child of Sable and Jason.

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