Season 9 Episode 22

Cache 22

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 11, 1989 on ABC

Episode Recap

Blake tells Alexis that Charles Matthews knew about Fallon's childhood nightmare. Matthews also knew that Blake's father, Tom Carrington, covered up the incident. Alexis attempts to blackmail Blake for half of the plundered Nazi treasure. Jeff and Dex enlist Zorelli's help to dig up information on Captain Handler. Fallon dreams of the lullaby she heard Krystina sing. She remembers the lullaby came from a music box that was part of the treasure. Fallon asks Krystina to show her where she found the music box. Alexis offers to give up her claim for half of the treasure, sparing Blake public scorn, if Sable withdraws her lawsuit against Colbyco. Sable agrees. Krystina leads Fallon into a secret tunnel passage and to the hidden treasure, unaware that Dennis Grimes has followed them. Handler meets with the mastermind behind the scheme to steal the treasure, but her identity is never revealed. Grimes takes Fallon and Krystina hostage inside the tunnel at gunpoint. Handler and several police officers raid Blake's mansion. He informs Blake that he has found the treasure and has taken Fallon and Krystina hostage to ensure his cooperation. In the tunnel, Fallon gets hold of Grimes' gun andshoots him but the noise from the shot makes the tunnel entrance collapse,trapping them inside. Presuming him to be dead, Fallon and Krystinadesperately try to get out, unaware thatGrimes is still alive and starts to regain consciousness.At The Carlton,Sable and Alexis meet to sign papers to call off the lawsuit, during which Dex and Adam get into a fight. Adam pushes Dex against a balcony railing which breaks and both Dex and Alexis fall from the balcony to their doom. Back at the mansion, Blake and Jeff overpower Handler and force him to take them to Fallon and Krystina. On the stairway of the Carrington mansion, Handler breaks free and reaches for a gun and he and Blake shoot each other.