Season 9 Episode 22

Cache 22

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 11, 1989 on ABC

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  • Grand if incomplete finale

    You'll often hear complaints that this final episode of season 9 was chock full of cliffhangers but no resolution, as the series' pink-slip came after the installment had already been filmed.

    But had there been a Season 10, this episode would have been arguably the best cliffhanger the show ever gave us: Fallon and Krystina were trapped underground, Blake has a shootout in the foyer, Alexis and Dex take a dramatic dive, etc.

    Plus, all the plots are so well-woven that it seems fated and meant to be.

    Better THIS unresolved cliffhanger than the "resolution" in Moldavia 4 years earlier.
  • Out with a bang or a whimper?

    Sorry, but you can't compare a cliffhanger to the resolution of a cliffhanger. As a cliffhanger, the Moldavian one was far, far, superior. As for the resolution of season 9's we can't compare that, since it never happened.

    As for the cliffhangers themselves, they're ok. But the sloppy editing makes Alexis' and Dex's tumble over the balcony more hilarious than anything else.

    As a wrap up to the was ok. Much better than the previous 2 seasons as a whole, but not quite up to the glory days of seasons 2 - 5. Probably on par with season 6.