Season 9 Episode 22

Cache 22

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 11, 1989 on ABC



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    • Reportedly, Lauren Hutton provided the voice of the woman in the limousine talking to Captain Handler in the series' final cliffhanger and she would have joined the show if it had been renewed for season 10.

    • Michael Nader appeared in 152 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • John James appeared in 169 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • John Forsythe (Blake) and John James (Jeff) are the only two cast members to appear in the pilot AND the final episode up through the reunion.

    • Tom Carrington is revealed to be the one who helped Alexis and Fallon after Fallon killed Roger Grimes. Tom threw Roger's body in the lake and that is when Elsworth saw him and thought he was Blake.

    • Jack Coleman (Steven) appeared in 146 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • Gordon Thomson (Adam) appeared in 183 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • Joan Collins appeared in 195 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • Linda Evans appeared in 204 of the show's 220 episodes.

    • Alexis picks up a photo of Krystle that sits on Blake's desk when they are talking in the conservatory.

    • Throughout this entire season and storyline, no one mentions Roger Grimes' father Alfred, who helped Dr.Nick Toscanni kidnap L.B.Colby back during the 1981-1982 season.

    • Sable mentions the large estimate to fix the second floor balcony. The railing was obviously loose as Alexis and Dex fall so easily.

    • Dennis Grimes turned out to be the murderer of Elsworth Chisholm.

    • It should be noted that John Forsythe (Blake) is the only person to appear in all 220 episodes of the series. He also appeared on 4 episodes of 'The Colbys.'

    • Prior to the cancellation of the series, Joan Collins (Alexis) and Michael Nader (Dex) had announced their departures from the series, which explains their tumble over the balcony. If "Dynasty" had been renewed, Diahann Carroll (Dominique) was rumored to have rejoined the cast. Note the numerous references to Dominique leading up to the final episode, including her aunt and uncle. In the final episode, the crooked police captain meets with a mysterious woman who rides in a limousine. Could it have been Dominique?

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