Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 19, 1983 on ABC

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  • Poison paint, heirs for sale, and people back from the dead, oh my!

    This episode sums up what made Dynasty so great, fun, and enjoyable during this era. You have a great mix of camp (Jeff & the poison paint story), drama (the arguments over the fate of Steven's son, Danny, and the return of "dead" Steven), social commentary (Kirby's upstairs/downstairs dilemma), and bitchy humor (the Alexis/Sammy Jo confrontation).

    The show really is hitting it's creative stride here, and for the next two and a half seasons or so, really kept the momentum going.
  • Sammy Jo tries to sell her baby; Alexis and Mark get cozy; Alexis stews learning Krystle will be raising Steven's child; Jeff acts more crazy; Kirby shuns Adam for raping her but yearns for a better life for herself; Adam schemes behind Alexis's back.

    This was a really good episode. There were lots of good scenes in this episode, e.g., the face-off between Alexis and Sammy Jo; Sammy Jo trying to sell her baby; Blake and Krystle's showdown with Sammy Jo; Kirby's speech to Joseph about being the downstairs girl; Alexis and Mark almost getting caught in bed by Fallon. The only weak plot was Jeff's descent into crazniness. Jeff actually had very few lines in this episode, he mostly walked around with a crazed look in his eyes. This episode was a fine example of what made Dynasty so great in its heyday.
  • Good Episode

    "Dynasty" was always campy and absurd... and that's what fans liked about it. This episode is a fine example of how the show really is and it's a good example. The storylines keep on evolving: Jeff's "poisoning" has a few brief scenes, Steven's death: Blake finally sees a "Steven" in Danny, while it is revealed that Steven is in a hospital somewhere, having gone through extensive plastic surgery. Heather Locklear, as Sammy Jo, causes problems once again, as she tries to sell her baby on order to go to New York and try to be a model and the terrific Alexis Carrington exhibits her bitchiness once again (and OH how we LOVE IT!). This is a good episode overall, and it's great that the next episodes stay that way!
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