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Season 3 Episode 20

Downstairs Bride

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 16, 1983 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Upon hearing that Kirby has married Jeff, Joseph tells his daughter she has ruined her life. Blake suggests to Alexis they call a truce to their battle over Steven; Alexis offers Steven a share in Colbyco. Adam informs Fallon he doesn't consider Steven emotionally capable of handling the family business. After discussing the possibility of a reconciliation with Sammy Jo, Steven returns from New York alone. Blake disapproves of his son's plans to move out of the mansion with little Danny, but Krystle insists he let him go to prevent further alienation.moreless

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    Heather Locklear

    Heather Locklear

    Sammy Jo Carrington

    Lee Bergere

    Lee Bergere

    Joseph Aynders

    John Forsythe

    John Forsythe

    Blake Carrington

    Linda Evans

    Linda Evans

    Krystle Carrington

    Joan Collins

    Joan Collins

    Alexis Carrington Colby

    Pamela Sue Martin

    Pamela Sue Martin

    Fallon Carrington Colby

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This is the first appearance of Sam Dexter, Dex's father, on the series. The character of Dex would later appear the following season.

      • When Sammy Jo reads the headline in the National Enquirer that Steven is alive, there is a large photo of the cast of Dallas below the headline. This may have been an in-joke, as Dallas was a rival prime time soap opera to Dynasty in the ratings and aired on an opposite network.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Steven: I can't believe you're saying this. I can't believe that when you see him again and when you see that I've changed...
        Sammy Jo: But you haven't changed. Because you can't change. What's it going to be, the two of us together again? You laying in bed with me? Sometimes even making love to me. But not really me. To a ghost.
        Steven: Sammy Jo, listen to me...
        Sammy Jo: No, you listen to me. I didn't do such a bad job of thinking about Danny's best interests. At least, I put him with people who can give him what he needs. Including a normal upbringing. If you wanna do your thing with other guys, go do it. But if you really give a damn about your son, let him grow up with a straight family. Don't stick him with you for a father. I'm not hungry. I'll take a taxi back.
        Steven: Before you go, I want to ask you one thing. Did you really try to sell him to my father like a piece of goods?
        Sammy Jo: Let's just say, I thought about it. I never got anything else from you, did I?

      • Adam: I think there's something else in this thing with Jeff and Kirby. Mother, I think that you know something I don't.
        Alexis: Adam, I know many things that you don't. I know about wine. I know about art and music.
        Adam: And life, of course.
        Alexis: Yes, you can throw that one in.
        Adam: You also know something I don't. The question is, do I get filled in or not?
        Alexis: Adam, you're beginning to bore me.

      • Adam: I heard the news. You and Jeff.
        Kirby: And felicitations?
        Adam: (laughing) You are so dumb. You are so dumb, Mrs. Colby. "Mrs. Colby." Is that a first?
        Kirby: No, Mr. Carrington, a bellboy in Reno beat you to it.
        Adam: Don't walk away from me. And don't try and walk away from the truth. You married Jeff Colby for his money and his name. And you aren't fooling anybody. Especially not me. You see, we are cut from the same calico cloth. Now, I know we each have to climb these gilt-edged walls in our separate fashions, but why did you choose him?
        Kirby: When I could've had you?
        (Adam nods)
        Adam: Oh, we had a night that night.
        Kirby: That night was a mistake. I still get sick when I remember that night.
        Adam: Do you really?
        Kirby: Now get your hands off of me! And I forbid you to ever touch me again.
        Adam: Forbid? Spoken like a true mistress of the manse, Kirby, well done. And so quickly, too.

      • Kirby: Then what is it you're thinking? That the people in this house, who've known me practically since I was born, are not going to let me forget that I'm a major domo's daughter. Or... or that they've always thought that they're better than we are, is that it?
        Joseph: Why on Earth would they think that about the downstairs girl who finally had her wish and became the upstairs bride? Why would your loving husband ever think about that?
        Kirby: You seem to think that he will. That... that someday, Jeff and I are going to have an argument and he's going to bring it up. He's going to hit me with it. Remind me of my humble beginnings.
        Joseph: Yes, maybe. In fact, probably.
        Kirby: Is that a prediction?
        Joseph: You seem to have all the answers. Why don't you answer that question for yourself? I have a question for you. From this moment on, what am I supposed to call you? Mrs. Colby? Madame? Your Royal Highness? Huh? Don't answer that. As the major domo of the household, I'll come up with the proper form eventually.

      • Fallon: Jeff. Kirby. Welcome back. Congratulations.
        Jeff: Thank you.
        Kirby: Thank you.
        Fallon: I was just on my way to the hotel, check things out.
        Jeff: How's it going?
        Fallon: Oh, fine. The same. Well, you two look wonderful.
        (to Kirby) Can I see your ring? It's very pretty.
        Kirby: We bought it in a hurry at the Reno airport, if you can believe that.
        Fallon: Oh, I can. Slot machines, wedding bands, all part of the big...
        Jeff: The big what? Gamble?
        Fallon: Sorry. It's just that this is so unexpected, I'm not as witty as I might be.

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